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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an easter of titanic proportions

you know, as it's been over a week since easter i was going to just skip the recap.  but then i remembered that i was trying to remember what we did last year and was sad that i hadn't blogged about it.  so guess what - you get to celebrate easter '12 all over again.  aren't you glad?

because of our jam-packed schedule that weekend, we didn't get to dye eggs until the night before.  and i wanted to do it this year, because the bean had never done it before and was fascinated with the idea of it all.  so i busted out the paas egg-dying kit and a bottle of vinegar, hard-boiled a bunch of eggs, and we got to work.

the teen, despite her initial reluctance to play ("i haaaaaaaate eggggggssssss"), managed to muster up enough enthusiasm to join her sister at the table.  doesn't she look thrilled?

the bean was into it all the way till we pulled the very last egg out of the cups.

the next morning, i made some celebratory easter egg-ish shaped pancakes.  i threw in a little pink food dye and a handful of rainbow sprinkles.  the bean appreciated my efforts, at least - but she did point out that they really weren't egg-shaped at all.  sheesh.  kids, man.  no filter.  whatever, they tasted good.

the ILs had splurged on some goodies at the american girl store for her and her dolly, and she was stoked to wear one of the outfits and dress her baby to match.

when we got to the grandparents', i managed to sneak away and put their easter baskets (buckets? that doesn't sound as festive) on the bench right outside the front door.

in the back yard, the bean was chomping at the bit to start hunting for eggs.  although it wasn't really very hard - most of them were pretty easy to find.

it was funny to watch her drag that baby doll around, whacking her head on everything as she scurried to pick up the jellybean and goldfish-filled eggs (not together.  that would be gross).

the last egg was the hardest for her to find.


i told the girls to go out the front door to see if the easter bunny had stopped by.  they didn't need to be asked twice.

i managed to get MIL to stop and smile for a quick photo with her best girls.

the teen and i capped off our easter with a movie date.  but because i'm a dolt, i screwed up and we were at the movie theater about 20 minutes too early.  oh, well.  we managed to kill time.

and what were we so excited to see, you ask?  well, maybe you didn't ask - hell, you probably really don't care much - but i'm going to tell you anyway because we were that giddy over it:

titanic.  IN 3D.  oh, yes.  we got to see all of the classic scenes on the big screen, and we loved every minute of that 3-hour-plus flick that we'd seen a bazillion times before.

there were only about a dozen or so people in the theater including us, but i'm pretty sure they were all super annoyed with us.  as a couple of folks could be overheard bawling and gasping throughout the movie, the teen and i recited lines left and right and dissolved into endless giggles with every scene.  we cracked really bad jokes (okay, maybe it was just me) and cracked up for three hours straight.

it was the best easter EVER.


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