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Thursday, April 5, 2012

tiaras make everything better

does a comped screening of the movie "mirror mirror" count as a disney freebie?  after all, the story is about snow white.  because if so, then we had three days in a row of fun free stuff.  woohoo!

i don't even remember how or why, but i follow a twitter account called "hollywood mom," and that's how i found the link for the free movie.  i was able to snag four passes, and while the teen and i had invited our friends rock-ell and lilcee to come with us, it didn't work out that way.  but this story has a happy ending, because MIL was flying in that afternoon to spend a week with us.  add the bean to the mix, and we had quite a fun foursome.

i'd been hesitant to take the bean to this movie.  it's rated PG and i didn't really know much about it, but after seeing a couple of previews i decided she'd be fine.  we hopped into the car, fought traffic most of the way, and got there about 15 minutes before showtime.  although century city is quite a drive for us, i like this parking structure because it's easy to figure out if there are any openings by glancing down the aisle.  see?  there are lights above each space, red for taken and green for available.  i wish all parking garages did this.

we've run into snags at similar screenings before, having to take our phones back to the car because it was a sneak preview and they didn't want anyone taking pictures or video.  so i refrained from taking pictures until i noticed that everyone in line ahead of us was texting or facebooking away without a care in the world.

of course, the photos i did take are super blurry, dark, and/or fuzzy.  oh, well.

when we finally got into the theater, all of the good seats were taken.  bah.  we did manage to find four seats together...in the very front row.  bah 2.0.  but right in front of us was this table with some fun party favors, so we took advantage of our close proximity and snagged some for all of us.

sparkly tiaras for a princess-y movie!  the bean got a necklace and a princess wand too, but sadly all of the satin gloves were gone by the time we got there.  that's okay though, we were perfectly happy with what we got.

there were a few scary-ish parts for the bean, but she did fine.  armed with her kids' pack of popcorn and punch, she was perfectly happy to sit there and stare up at the giant movie screen with the rest of us.  it was a cute movie, and we all liked it.

i wonder where our next freebie will come from.

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