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Thursday, January 3, 2013

calm before the storm

christmas eve is also our mollyversary.  it was 8 years ago that the hub presented the teen and me with this super fun, furry bundle of joy:

and to celebrate, the teen picked out a new bed for her that's extra soft and comfy.  i think she liked it.

later, we huddled in my bedroom to get started on the mountain of presents to wrap.

the bean had fallen asleep, but woke up so she could put her special christmas eve pajamas on and get some snacks ready for santa and the reindeer.

i love, love, love christmas.

i think it was somewhere around 12:30 when i finally dragged my tired ass to bed.  the hub put all the presents under the tree and somehow everyone's stockings were stuffed to full capacity.

funny how it takes hours to wrap all those presents, and about ten minutes to tear all the paper off of 'em.  ah, christmas.

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  1. Okay. The picture of the bean in her chef's getup? Way too much cute to come without a warning. I love it!


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