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Monday, January 14, 2013

rollin' out the goals

looking back at my list of not-resolutions for 2012 is interesting.  like, i managed to achieve a few of them, but it seems like the easier ones kinda fell through the cracks.  pffft.  and i'm not excited enough about the ones i didn't get to to put them on the new list.

  • read all of my magazines as they arrive, so they don't end up in a pile so high it threatens to bury me alive.  and while i'm at it, i'm not renewing any of them.  well, except for us weekly.  i do love me some celeb gossip, and it's the one rag i actually devour the second it hits my mailbox.
  • do at least one race per month.  now, i've sworn off of half marathons after i finish the hollywood half this april, so it's going to be either a 5K or 10K.  plus, ever since the spartan race my interest has grown in taking part in obstacle course-type things.  i have a couple of fun ones already scheduled, and i can't wait.  it'll be fun to mix them in with the straight running races, and i've managed to rope in the teen and some of my friends for them too.
  • complete at least ten sewing projects.  i have a whole pinterest board chock-full o'fun stuff and two or three plastic storage bins of awesome fabric, so there's no reason not to fire up the sewing machine.  and my first project will be the t-shirt quilt i've been talking about for ages, made with all of the race tees i've managed to accumulate over the last year.  i actually need a couple more to make a whole quilt, so i'd best get on goal #2, huh?
  • help the teen get herself into a school with a fashion merchandising program for this fall.  whether it's FIDM or somewhere else, it's definitely a priority since she's a mere four months away from high school graduation.  [gulp] mah baby!!
  • get the whole family involved in some sort of volunteering work.  i'm really interested in participating in a habitat for humanity project, or serving in a soup kitchen.  we have so much to be grateful for that we sometimes take for granted, and it'll be good to give back in ways other than financial donations.
  • find the local girl scout troop and sign the bean up.  i always wanted to be a girl scout, and for several reasons wasn't able to get the teen involved.  i think scouts do some really fun stuff, teach valuable lessons, and hey - who doesn't love making new friends?
  • organize my closet and keep it that way.  since i'm the oscar to his felix, the hub will love this one - especially considering we share a walk-in closet.  i go through it fairly regularly to get rid of unwanted items, but what's left is in quite a jumble.  i'm about to get color-coordinated up in this piece, yo.
  • take part in the 52-week money challenge.  have you seen this?  it seems easy enough, and then (almost) at the end of it i'll be able to do some christmas shopping!  whoops, i better get started.  i'm already behind.  typical.
  • create a yearly photo album.  i need to go back and do this for a few years too, but going forward i'd like to make it a point to do a page or two at the end of every month so that i'm not scrambling at the end of the year to put it together.  sounds good, right?  

that's all i've got.  did you make a list this year?


  1. I don't have a list yet...but I think I'll steal a few of yours! I love the money one. I've been saving my $5.00 bills that get. So far I've got $20.00. As long as I don't have to dip into it I should have a nice stash!

  2. I LOVE that money challenge! What a great idea!


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