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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

yeah, yeah, 5K, blah blah blah

first off:  happy birthday to my favorite birthday princess, mommybelle!  she's the only one i know who loves her birthday as much as (if not more than) i do, and i hope she has a wonderful day.  love you, hobag!

are you getting super sick of my race recaps yet?  i guess they're all starting to blur together, and yet i continue to blog them because - well, i can.  heh.  and besides, 2013 goals!

my second 5K of the year was kinda awesome, mostly because it was so close to home that i actually got to sleep in for it.  and i even earned a foursquare mayorship along the way...at the san dimas senior center.  haha!  so awesome.  i checked in the night before as i picked up my bib:

and then the next morning when i arrived for the run.  with an 8:30 start time, i rolled in around 8:15 and it was fabulous.

well, fabulous...but cold.  and before those of you who live in areas that are accustomed to freezing temps have a good chortle over this, remember that this is southern california.  for us, this is damn frigid.

luckily, i only had to stand around for a few minutes before it was time to gather at the start line and wait for the gun to go off.

the course was one that i'm pretty familiar with, except that i usually take the easy way out and do it backwards.  and why?  because when i run it my way, i avoid most of the inclines and coast downhill for most of it.  but i powered through it at a pace slightly slower than my usual, and before i knew it, i crossed the finish line.

by the time it was over, it had warmed up a little.

i mentioned before that i'm going to make myself a nice quilt with all of the t-shirts i've collected from all of my runs.  well, along with those shirts, i've been saving all of the bibs too.  until about a month ago, i had them hanging on a display plaque i'd crafted all by myself.  it held all of the bibs as well as my sweet little stash of medals.  and then one night the weight of all that hardware was just too much for that homemade rack and it came crashing down, yanking the hooks right out of it.  so sad.

so i headed to michael's armed with a couple of 40%-off coupons, picked up a few supplies, and now my bibs are organized nicely in a scrapbook.  they're all in calendar order, with the date and my time written neatly on the page along with a photo from the race.

also, i now have a ridiculous collection of safety pins.

i'm still trying to figure out what to put in that little window on the cover, though.  any ideas?


  1. I'd love to hear about what the race benefits in your future posts (if that influenced your decision to sign up for it)

  2. What about some sort of inspirational quote on the cover?

    This pink one matches your album color:

    And the mtns on this one are pretty:

  3. Front cover - how about a favorite medal? Also (you probably already know this) the Rock & Roll series gives out medals when you go to multiple R&R events (they send them via mail). If you do three - you get a "triple crown", and I believe it is pink!


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