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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

she can fly, she can fly, she can fly!

the next morning found us at downtown disney bright and early for the bean to do her 200-meter kids' run.  she was excited and grumpy at the same time, which made for some fun pictures.

luckily, since we'd timed it so that we weren't standing around for too long, the run started soon after we'd made our way into the corral.  following the never never land theme, a pirate stood at the front and got everyone ready.

and she was off!

the teen had fun running with us this time around.  she was really impressed watching her sister run.  "she's really fast!" she said.  indeed.

of course, some special friends waited at the finish line.

it's always fun watching her accept a finisher's medal.

she was so proud of that medal.  and i'm stoked that she's continuing to add to her own collection of hardware!  i'll make a runner out of her yet.


  1. Loved seeing the sisters run! What a great thing you've exposed them to. Kudos to Mom and Dad.


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