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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

celebrating baby monkey

our weekends tend to be busy anyway, but this past one was quite a whirlwind of activity.  we kicked saturday off bright and early at the bean's school for this:

yup, it was recital time again.  although this is her third or fourth (i've lost track) one, so she's pretty used to it by now.  she was happy to sit next to her BFF, who was performing for the first time.

she played her two songs well, and happily accepted her medal and certificate at the end of the show.

after a quick breakfast with the hub, we headed out to pasadena to join the celebration for weezermonkey's mini-me.  it's still amazing that she's already a year old.  the venue was colorfully and whimsically decorated, which is exactly what one would expect out of mama monkey.

look!  a balloon artist!  she was awesome, too - perfect balloon sculptures and super friendly to everyone.

the bean and mini cee were quite enthralled with her.

i was rather happy with my thai iced coffee myself.

while i didn't eat any of it (duh), i did think that the bird sculpted from an apple was pretty cool.

have i ever mentioned how much the bean adores babies?  she was so excited to meet mini weemo.

well, i was pretty excited too.  i hadn't actually seen her since she was teeny-tiny.

cake time!  and yeah, i'd done cookies too - shaped like bees.  for the baby's bee-day.  get it?  the cake that weemo's cousin made for the party was adorable, and together they were just perfect.

the guest of honor liked the cake too.  well, we think so.

back at the table, we were laughing at the drawing the bean had done of her tablemates - lilcee and winnie's husbands.

oh, and of course we hit up the balloon artist for something for ourselves.

on the way home, someone was wiped out from the flurry of activity that day.


  1. Yay - I was bummed when I had to unexpectedly miss this, so I really enjoyed looking at your pictures! :)

  2. I also enjoyed looking at your pictures, and I was there! LOL! Thank you so much for coming! Thank you so much for the cookies! Thank you for everything! Love you. :)


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