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Thursday, January 15, 2015

hello mayor

one of my friends from high school is currently serving as the mayor of our hometown (which is a whole hell of a lot cooler than being mayor of places on foursquare, especially since i quit playing that game).  tzeitel was one of those girls who was literally loved by everyone who met her and is still one of the most genuinely nice people i've ever known.  like, you totally want to hate her because she's just so perfect, but you can't because she's also so damn sweet.  heh.

TZ, as we call her, is also a huge hello kitty fan.  she's on my "list" for when all things HK-related come up, and i was happy to be able to give her some tips and suggestions on how to navigate hello kitty con a few months ago.  she somehow managed to get herself talked into lending a good chunk of her HK collection to the local historical museum for a two-month long exhibit, which was officially open to the public this past weekend.

because she apparently isn't busy enough, she was throwing her adorable baby boy a party for his first birthday that same weekend.  she'd sent me pictures of the indiana jones-inspired invitation and asked me to do some cookies as party favors.  here's what i came up with:

the bean and i headed out to the museum on a rainy afternoon to deliver the cookies and check out the  tiny museum.

the HK goods were fun to look at, and the bean had a great time pointing out to me all of the items she recognized from my own collection of sanrio memorabilia.

i managed to get a quick selfie with the woman of the hour.  and holy crap, i look really old and beat down in this picture.  bah.

a reporter from a filipino news show was there, and we stood around and watched as she gave a great interview.

meanwhile, one of the reporters from the local newspaper chatted up the bean and presented with a cute necklace that was identical to the one he'd just given the mayor.

he snapped this photo of TZ with some of the kids in attendance.

on our way out, the bean happily snagged a brownie from the refreshments table.

later, TZ shared this link on my facebook page.  if you have two and a half minutes to spare and want to watch me awkwardly lurking in the background, here you go:

okay, i can't lie.  i dig seeing myself on camera, even when i look like a goober.  which is pretty much every time.  heh.

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