Monday, January 12, 2015

living by the girl scout law

during the winter break, the bean's daisy scout troop got to participate in their very first community service project.  the city has a cold weather shelter for those who are homeless, and our task was to help assemble sack lunches.  folks are welcome to spend the night at the shelter, have a hot meal, grab some breakfast in the morning and then take one of the sacks when they leave.

we were divided into two stations - the first helped to spread peanut butter and jelly on bread and place the sandwiches into ziplock bags.

the other station was dispatched to bag cookies - one sugar, one chocolate chip.

the broken cookies were set aside into a bowl for snacking.  leftovers went in there too.

most of the bags had already been assembled when we arrived.  they were full of all sorts of things - fruit, a bag of chips, granola bars, a bottle of water, a juice pouch.

it was funny and chaotic watching them run around stuffing sandwiches and cookies into the lunch bags, but the group we were helping out was impressed by their focus and willingness to do whatever needed to be done.  i was super proud of our girls.

when they were all done, they got to reach into that bowl and grab a treat as a reward.

group pics are a must.

we ended the way we always do - with the friendship circle.

and this earned them a fun patch to add to their growing collection on their daisy tunics:

it was a great activity, and a good lesson that the bean and i talked about before and after we got there.  we talked about other ways we can help the community, and this is exactly the kind of thing i want for her to get out of the scouting experience.  i'm excited to see what other outings and activities we can come up with to help teach the girls find ways to give back, and watch them grow together as a group.  

got any fun ideas for us to look into?  i'd love to hear them!


  1. I'll hook you up with some of my ideas...been doing this a long time. Also, just a tip....sell cookies NOW...while they are young and cute, everyone wants to buy from them then. Dont just gets harder :)

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