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Thursday, January 1, 2015

farewell to '14

ah, 2014.  you were an interesting year.  i don't feel like you were quite as eventful as other years have been, but hey - we had some laughs, some good times, some craziness, eh?

like, i got to go to the very first official hello kitty convention with some of my fellow kitty-lovin' friends.

i had some good times with my friends this year.

as did the bean:

and sometimes, we even hung out with friends together.

one of the most awesome things to happen this year was the introduction of a new SFAM 2.0 member - baby weemo!

i didn't run nearly as much this year, but the best races were the ones i did with the hub.

races with other running buddies were super fun too.

 and of course, i added a few new medals to my collection.

but i've gotta say - 2014 was unequivocally the year of the barre.  xtend barre, that is.  it started off with the 60-day challenge in january and just kept on going from there.

i love barre so much, i even managed to drag practically everybody i know to at least one class.

there was tons and tons and TONS of disneyland fun.

thanks to mini cee, the bean finally conquered her fear of all fast rides and learned that the matterhorn bobsleds are, indeed, super duper fun.

on top of all that disneyland fun, we scooped up annual passes to universal studios hollywood for cheap, thanks to costco.

this homemade elsa costume right here:

turned out to be the gateway to lots and lots of frozen fun.

and who doesn't love baymax?

the teen and i had a lot of random fun together.

and after months and months of applying and waiting, she finally clocked in somewhere and earned her very first real paycheck here:

everybody got haircuts.

there was lots and lots of dance for the bean - ballet, jazz, hula.

she kicked so much butt in that hula class, she got bumped up to the next level with the older girls.

and she picked up a new class, which is her most favorite of all:  art.

that was on top of other extracurricular activities.

 oh!  we both became girl scouts this year, too.

and ooh!  oooooh!  she was in show choir this year, too.  behold, the next rachel berry:

was there soccer?  oh, was there ever.

 what about cookies, you ask?  well...

spring break saw us hop onto a plane to dallas to hang out with the ILs.

and the hub finally learned to suck it up and smile for my many selfie requests.

the bean celebrates holidays in her own special way (sorry they're all horribly out of order).

including her own birthday.

speaking of birthdays, mollydog turned 10 this year.

we managed to survive through summer with lots and lots of distractions.

and then it was time for this:

 also, a handful of recognizable folks got the chance to meet me in 2014.

and we were on the travel channel!

we squeezed in fun outings with MIL:

and lots of great stuff as a family.

now that i look at it again, 2014 was actually pretty darn good to us after all.  i mean, it's hard not to have fun with this bunch of loved ones, amirite?  and there's definitely more to come in the new year.

bring it on, 2015.  we're ready for ya.


  1. I admire how you document everything. Such a treasure to have these memories preserved. Happy New Year!


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