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Monday, May 23, 2016

le freak, c'est chic

you've gotta be getting pretty tired of seeing recaps of cookie prize outings by now, right?  i know, i know.  but when your girls work their asses off and blow through thousands of cases during cookie season, they deserve rewards.  especially the ones who managed to sell at least 500 boxes apiece.  when we gave the girls their cookie training, teaching them why we sell and how we go about doing it, we set some goals and threw out some ideas as incentives.

we'd originally said that the troop prize for the girls who hit 500 was going to be an outing to a kids' spa, with a limo to take us to and from.  but as it turned out, the cost just for a limo was going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.  yikes.  my co-leader was really against going back on that promise, but there was no way we could really justify spending that amount of money on a ride.  i told her that we'd just have to suck it up and figure out carpools instead, and while she tried to push back a little, even she knew it was the only way we could go.

it was a pretty long drive out to tarzana for le chic spa, but we made it.  the three of us who were able to carpool together got there first:

and while we were a bit early, the bean really needed to use the restroom and so the lady let us all in to look around before our party began.  there was a make-your-own lotion and body scrub section:

lots and lots of stuff for sale.

and tons of pink and sparkle and bling everywhere.  we loved it.  my co-leader got to chatting with the owner, and she told her that the spa has been there for ten years.  the location is great for her - she's had a bunch of celebrities bring their kids for parties.  made us want to open one up ourselves, since there isn't anything like this anywhere near us.

 oh, that disco ball?  yeah, it was there for the karaoke and dance party that would come later.

the girls were instructed to pick out a robe to put on and get comfy.

our party package included manis, pedis and their choice of either a chocolate or strawberry facial.  the bean went first into the facial room. where she happily stretched out on the chaise.

the chocolate, while it smelled fantastic, wasn't the greatest choice because it ended up looking like poop on her face.  heh.

but when it was wiped off and her face was clean, her skin was bright and glowy.  although i suppose that isn't hard to do when you're 8.

she struck a rock star pose before making her way to the mani/pedi stations.

the old lady had gone with my co-leader and a parent to walk down the corner to pick up lunch and drinks for the party, and she came back bearing gifts.  i love slurpees.

after they'd all had a turn at the beauty stations, they sat down to get hydrated and munch on some pizza.  and then it was karaoke time.  even the microphones were blinged out.

the lights went down, the music was turned up, and they had a ball watching themselves on the monitor in front of them.

funny thing about karaoke...you finally get to see what the actual words to those songs you belt out in the car along with are.  someone was clutching her pearls as she read the lyrics to "bang bang."

hey, who says girl scout moms can't be hotties?  muahahahahaha, i couldn't even type that with a straight face.

when the party came to an end, we took a bunch of fun group photos.

such a fun afternoon.  i think our girls were sufficiently pampered, don't you?

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