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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

meeting at the barre

with just two meetings left with our girl scouts for this year, i got to pick something fun to take them to while my co-leader was off at a mother-son event at school.  and with a multi-pair pack of socks from target and a few colors of puffy paint, i even had a little gift for them to use during the meeting:

oh yes.  i took our girls to get nice and sweaty at a fun barre class taught by my favorite instructor, rebecca.  aside from the bean, who's taken a mommy & me class once or twice with me before, none of them had any idea what to expect.  the girls all seemed to like their special socks, although i chose not to make any for me and instead wore my own...because sparkle.

i'd also busted out a new tee i'd been saving for just the right occasion:

just like in our regular classes, we started with a warmup before moving on to a bit of upper body work.  we made sure to give the girls the 1-pound weights, and they all did a great job during the entire segment.

from there, we took our places at the barre for some pliés, passés and pulses.  a handful of the girls have been in dance classes before, so some of the moves were familiar to them.

watching them try to get into their chair pose was comical.

they all got to do some thigh and booty work using the stretchy band.

and then a little stretching and a downward dog later, they were all done.

they had a few extra minutes at the end of class before it was time for their parents to pick them up, so they had a little fun scooting around on the smooth wood floor.  it doesn't take much to keep them entertained.

someone was extra pooped when it was all over.

it was a great way to spend one of our final meetings, and especially since i was doing it solo.  it's always so much easier to manage the group with someone to help, and bringing in a vendor of some sort is the best way to do it.  i can't wait to see what kinds of shenanigans we find ourselves in next year!

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