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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

you sold a ton of cookies, here's a box of crappy trinkets!

so in addition to the prizes we've given our girls for hitting their goals during cookie season, we received a huge shipment of prizes from girl scouts USA last week to distribute.  since the cookie chair lives just down the street from me, i got to be the one to pick them up to sort and bag.  luckily, the old lady is always willing to help, especially when it's something fun like this.

we spread everything out into piles to make it easier.  look at all this crap:

because the bean was one of our girls who hit the 500 box mark, she got pretty much one of everything that we received.  the 50+ prize was this milk bottle-shaped chalkboard decal.

if they sold at least 90 boxes, the prize was this little ceramic cow bank:

for 130+, they received a water bottle.

160+ boxes earned this t-shirt.  like last year, the shirts ran really small and my guess is that a lot of our girls won't get to wear this thing but maybe once or twice.  get it together, GSUSA.

the bean's favorite was the 200+ prize, the daisybelle cow plush.  this kid lives for stuffed animals.

a journal and matching pen was the 250+ prize.  ho hum.

325+ boxes got you this apron.  it's cute, and maybe we'll actually use it.  we'll see.

this lunch tote is actually pretty cool.  it's a good size, insulated and has backpack-style straps.  i might have to borrow it every now and then.  heh.  oh, and you had to sell 400+ boxes for it.

the gift of caring program is where the girls ask for donations that go towards buying boxes of cookies for local charities and the military.  the bean managed to squeeze in at least 30 of these, which earned her a necklace and a charm bracelet.  too bad she isn't into jewelry.  like, at all.  i'll probably rock these during meetings or something.

we have five girls who were able to hit the 500-box mark.  for their hard work, we're going to attend some giant party way out in agoura freaking hills on saturday that i'm already imagining will be the biggest cluster ever.  there are 1,700 girls throughout GSGLA who reached this goal, and with that many girls plus one parent each...well, let's just say i'm not excited.

and then next weekend we're taking our 500 club girls to a kids' spa.  it's the final prize for this year's cookie season, and then we're finally done with all things girl scout cookie for 2016.  phew.  i don't want to look at another box of those damn things for a loooooooooong time.


  1. Have you seen The Boss (Melissa McCarthy)? I didn't finish it but you'll see some similarities with GS. :) Oh, pls bring NB's cookies on Fri, ok?

  2. Oh man, I totally remember trying so hard to get the stuffed animal every year!

  3. Oh man, I totally remember trying so hard to get the stuffed animal every year!

  4. Hey, I'm from Agoura freaking Hills :) at least you could do Chi Chi's on the way home...?


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