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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

a father's day full of all sorts of randomness

father's day 2017 started off with a practical joke by the bean that had me in tears.  like, rolling down my face, abs-workout cracking up kind of tears.  we'd slept in until a crazy late hour, and when the hub got up to hit the potty all i heard was a barely-muffled shriek.  i got up to see what was going on, and he pointed into the bathroom where i saw this:

one of her friends had given her that plastic snake just the day before at one of the parties we'd attended, and she pulled off the best prank of her life.  oh, so funny.

well, and then she made these and served them in bed...

to me.  heh.

after we'd gotten ourselves ready and packed up some essentials in a tote bag, we headed down to the beach to escape the heat and spend a nice father's day afternoon together.  pacific city is a new shopping and dining extravaganza in huntington beach, and that's where we found ourselves after scoring a sweet spot in the underground parking lot.  and since the bean informed us that it was also national sushi day - well, we had to celebrate that, right?

just across from where we were dining was a place i'd read about just the day before.

while saint marc is known for its bar, bakery and cheese plates, what caught my attention was the fact that it also offers a bacon bar.  like, you can belly up to this bar and order slices of bacon in flavors like garlic parmesan, coffee rubbed, apple pie and habanero.  i was stuffed full of sushi, but i made a mental note to come back sometime to get my fill of all their flavored pork belly slices.

the hub ran back to the restaurant to get our parking ticket validated while the bean played for a few minutes with these squishy building block things.

and then it was finally time to head across the street and hit the beach.  because of the lateness of the hour, it was fairly easy to find parking with easy access to the sand.  we dragged our chairs and umbrella and got set up while the bean ran straight to the water.

we capped off our beach afternoon with a stop at this milkshake shop, where there were literally millions of combinations available with the long list of flavors and mix-ins on the menu.

it may have been a very low-key father's day, but it was perfect.

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