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Friday, June 16, 2017

playdates all day, errrrrday

with no summer camps booked for the bean this year, we're really enjoying our easy breezy days off right now.  we've been trying to squeeze in as many playdates as we can, sleepovers with my cousins, and even math tutoring sessions to make sure those skills don't get rusty over the break from school.  we've been having a ball with our lazy summer so far, and it's nice to get a breather from the normal routine.

we finally got a chance to head over to my friend amber's house to meet up with her and weezermonkey so that we could meet the newest addition to the monkey family.  and on the heels of that date, we had a disneyland playdate scheduled with lilcee and her mini.  see what i mean?  squeezing in as much fun as possible in the time we have...that's the name of the game this summer.

i also felt the need to sew up a couple of fun tops for us to wear, in keeping with my goal of turning out at least eight items per month.  and it's always good to add to the wardrobe so that i don't end up reaching for the same few pieces every day, which is what i tend to do on the regular.  here's the newest additions to our collection of disneyland gear:

when we got to amber's house, we melted into a huge puddle as we got our first glimpse of that sweet baby boy.  oh, how i love holding new babies.

almost as much as the bean does.  she was enchanted, to say the least, and i think she fell in love a little this afternoon.

when we finally tore ourselves away, we hopped into the car and battled traffic all the way down to anaheim.  she chattered away in the backseat about how much she loved playing with both amber's and weezermonkey's boys and was already asking when we could do it again.  soon, i hope.

we met up with lilcee and mini cee as they held spots on main street for all of us to watch the afternoon parade.  it was a hot afternoon, and we were grateful to be on the shady side of the street.

in toontown, the girls had some fun as they ran around the play area, opening doors and pushing buttons and posing for pictures.

big thunder ended up being the only "good" ride we got to go on as it had the most reasonable wait time.

and we got a fun group shot in front of the castle.

after watching the main street electrical parade, we hung out to watch the fireworks...but:

oh well.  we ended our evening with a ride around the world, which we pretty much just walked onto with no wait.

it was a pretty great day, jam-packed with fun and friends...just the way it should be.

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