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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

who is A?

the old lady has been watching "pretty little liars" on abc family (yeah yeah, it's called freeform now. i'm hip to the skip) since the very beginning. like, she was still in high school when that show began.

i watch it with her every now and then, but i never really got into it. and even she started getting tired of it as it just got more ridiculous and farfetched over the last few seasons. 

still, she's pretty bummed that the show is finally coming to an end. it's kind of like a part of her teenage years is going away. i guess we all go through that though, don't we? that's how i felt when they cancelled "all my children." i basically grew up watching that show with my mom and nanay, and it was sad when they cancelled it for good. 

anyway, i got a request last week for a set of cookies for a mom at school whose daughter was planning a series finale viewing party for PLL. she sent me some examples she'd found online and i was happy to oblige. 

the old lady thought these were pretty cool, and when i sent a picture of the finished cookies to the mom she immediately showed it to her daughter, who also gave them her stamp of approval.  see:

it was kind of fun to practice some basic calligraphy i hadn't done in a very long time. it's not very good, but it'll do, especially for cookies that'll just get eaten anyway. right?

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