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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

the best kind of campus tour

we were lucky enough to be invited to go have lunch with our friend trish, who works at dreamworks animation in burbank.  we'd really enjoyed our tour of the campus a few months ago, and this time the old lady was able to join us.  she loves fun outings like that, and i was glad she could come with us.

it was an exceptionally hot day, so we didn't spend a ton of time outside.  i did take a few pictures, although these are mostly the same shots i took last time.  i couldn't help it though, the campus is so pretty.

as we walked over to the commissary, the old lady leaned in and whispered "look mom, that's p. diddy's son!  the one who plays the boyfriend on "star"!"  we giggled like little girls about it and i tried to sneak a photo, but he had already turned around to walk in the other direction.  that's okay though, we were all aflutter from our "celeb" sighting on the campus.  heh.

it was lunchtime, so the commissary was bustling with activity.  the bean and i remembered the setup from last time, and lilcee took her and mini cee outside to the grill to grab some cheeseburgers while the rest of us went through the lines and picked up the hot entree of the day - lemon chicken with rice pilaf, plus some chinese chicken salad and a piece of cheesecake for dessert.  at the beverage station the old lady was stoked to find an icee machine, and i decided to grab one for myself to cool down a little.

we sat and enjoyed our meals and chatted for a good long while in there, sucking up the free a/c and grabbing drink refills and stuff.  before going outside to walk off our lunch, the girls stopped to pose with po from "kung fu panda."

the old lady pointed this out and said "look, it's like that crazy crooked street up in san francisco!"  indeed it is.

with a relatively new order from the powers that be that prohibited trish from taking visitors into any of the buildings, we settled on walking around campus along the nature trail.

we ended our visit back in the front lobby, where we stopped for potty breaks and hugs with trish before she headed back to her office to get some work done.

on our way back to the parking structure, we commiserated with this poor squirrel who was just trying to escape from the heat somehow.

and then we made one quick stop for afternoon treats in pasadena at our favorite cupcake shop.

not bad for a monday, right?

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