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Friday, June 2, 2017

champagne for breakfast

last weekend, the old lady and i got to enjoy a leisurely sunday brunch with a couple of our favorite mom friends.  we'd made a reservation at pasadena's pop champagne bar, which is conveniently located just a block away from one of the gold line stations.  besides...bottomless mimosas.  perfect.

we met up at the train station at the very end of the line, hopped onto the empty train and took this:

and less than half an hour later we got off the train, trudged up the stairs, walked for a few minutes and then we were there.

it'd been awhile since i'd been here, but it looked just the same as i remembered it.

here's the weekend brunch menu, and everything sounded delicious.

so with your entree you got to visit the salad & dessert buffet, and there was a nice selection of goodies to pick from:

kind of funny that there was one lone salad and an assload of desserts...but i wasn't complaining.  and my mimosa glass never went empty.  i never saw the bottom of it the whole time we were there.

one of my friends ordered their newest special, a toasted "everything" bagel with a generous portion of delicious smoked fish.

 this was the "pop" breakfast, served with a side of french toast.

and i'd gone with the server's recommendation of the eggs benedict with truffle oil infused hollandaise and a housemade english muffin.  it was super delicious.

the old lady estimates that i probably downed about nine of these bad boys.

and one last trip to the buffet got me one of their cute little lemon tarts and a chocolate chip scone.

a quick group shot before we left:

well, and one outside:

and we noticed this across the street from the train station.  none of us watch the show, but apparently it was placed there on "big bang theory day" sometime ago, and i guess the show is based in or around pasadena?  i don't know, but we thought it was kinda cool.

our next moms' outing is to the local spa.  of course, our schedules for summer are so crazy that it won't be till august, but that's okay.  i know it'll be worth the wait!

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