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Thursday, June 8, 2017

cake! cake! cake!

the girls and i...well, we love cake.  and fun drinks.  and pretty things.  and all things rainbow and unicorn.  so when we found out that there was a specialty bakery called caked la opening not too far away that offered those things, we decided to check it out as soon as we had a chance.

looking at it from the outside, you'd really never guess that so much magic lies in wait inside, just waiting to be devoured.

there's a fun photo backdrop just inside the doors.  the bean was being a little moody in that particular moment and this is all she would give me:

although she perked up considerably when she spied the platter of cake samples on the counter.

there were lots of fun macaron shells in the case ready to be filled with ice cream for custom sandwiches.

loooooook at the unicorn cakes:

we placed orders for drinks and a slice of that rainbow cake and sat down at a table to play a little jenga.

from where we were sitting, we could see the guy behind the counter working on our drinks.  yup, that is indeed a fluffy wad of freshly spun cotton candy.

it was so big and poufy that our straws were buried inside.  so funny!

i don't remember what i got anymore, but i think it was a milk tea or something like that.  it wasn't overly sweet, but dropping puffs of cotton candy into it and watching it melt upon contact was super fun and made it extra delicious.

the old lady's special friend had ordered a simple coffee, which was served like this:

and we ended up taking our rainbow cake slice to go.

speaking of fun sweet treats, here's a few cookies i've gotten to work on in the last few weeks.  these were for a medical student's graduation party:

a sweet 7-year-old's birthday party at a local roller rink:

these were for an event at the equinox gym that my friend kirkette took me to last month:

more graduation treats:

for a daisy girl scout troop meeting:

and these were requested by the bean's kindergarten teacher for her mom's milestone birthday celebration.

can you tell that i took the extra step of brushing on some gold glitter dust?  the plain one is on the left, the glitter'd one on the other side.

maybe it's easier to see when you look at it in person.  i guess it doesn't really matter either way since they'll just be eaten anyway, huh?

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  1. I love your local reviews.
    If you have not stopped in at Grizzly's Biscuits and Donuts in Claremont... do! I'd love to see your review. I've been in once... cute store.... want to go back and try their biscuits. PS-
    No affiliation to Grizzly's... my comment sort of sounded "sales like"


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