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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

4 in the morning

so that's not just a crappy ass gwen stefani song, but also what time i found myself WIDE awake today. i contemplated getting up and reading a book, or maybe checking e-mail, and instead tossed and turned for about an hour before the hub sat up, looked at the clock and said "you're having trouble sleeping, aren't you?"

oops. i felt bad, but he assured me that i wasn't keeping him awake and told me it wouldn't bug him if i turned the tv on. so yay, i got caught up on a couple of episodes of "general hospital" before i finally fell asleep around 6. yes, i'm addicted to that show. have been for years - it started around the 5th grade with the whole "luke & laura on the run" storyline and never died out. shut up.

our first baby-related class was last night at 6:00 - "breastfeeding: getting started". somehow, the hub conveniently found himself on the other side of the universe with a client around 4:00 and had to miss part of the class. aw, darn. and after i arrived and saw lots of women there without their partners, i plucked my phone from my purse to text him and let him off the hook - but golly gee whiz, i had no service in the building! aw, darn 2.0. tee hee!

he walked in about halfway through the discussion, just as the instructor was answering a question from one of the few dads-to-be.

"so if we go out drinking, i heard she can do a pump and dump so the kid doesn't get any of the alcohol, yeah?"

um, what? your wife is having TWINS and the first question you can think of has to do with drinking and partying? she looked mortified and i wanted to throw my gatorade bottle at his big fat head.

and much to the hub's disappointment, there were no live demonstrations with hot chicks. instead, he was treated to a video with lots and lots of boobage...just not particularly attractive boobage. the look on his face was PRICELESS. if i could've taken a picture (as my friend amber had requested of me earlier in the day), i would've. and when the instructor started talking about flat and inverted nipples and picked up a stuffed booby replica, i thought he was going to spew right then and there.

oh, man. i fear for him when we're in the "prepared childbirth" class over the next couple of sundays. he's gonna wish he was at a baby shower instead. muahahahahaha!


  1. Hilarious! Poor thing. Those next classes are gonna knock him on his ass. Ha!

  2. bwahahahahahahaha!!! love love love it! poor guy ;-)


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