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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


i've been WAITING for an opportunity to throw the jessie spano freak-out in a post!!

mmkay, here's a tip for those of you who plan on producing offspring someday: DON'T assume, even though pregnancy technically lasts ten months, that you have a ton of time to get stuff accomplished. somehow i managed to put off signing up for any childbirth preparation classes, and all of a sudden we've got 8 weeks left and most of the courses last for 4-6 weeks. heh. i managed to find a weekend crasher course at a local hospital, though. phew. two sundays in a row, from 9 to 3. don't you wish you could come?

i've also been helping the MIL find a nice venue for the baby shower she's throwing for me. i know, i know, i shouldn't be involved (much) in planning such an event, but poor thing - she's stuck babysitting two kids all summer AND she lives out in BFE. i was going a little nuts yesterday trying to find a great place that would accommodate the guest list, serve afternoon tea, and be available for the date and time we're eyeing. again, 8 weeks left. we don't have a huge window of opportunity here, unless i want to risk not being able to attend my own shower (like my friend of ourjbaby, for whom we threw a shower while she sat in the hospital sweating out preterm contractions). but i think i finally hit the jackpot - the lovely altadena town & country club. the hub and i had strongly considered this place for our wedding, so i guess you could say it has meaning behind it, if you're looking for some.

i just got back from treating myself to a lovely signature mani/pedi at my favorite nail joint, urbane beauty care and a quick trip to the mall to find a couple of tops to rock in my maternity shoot tomorrow with crissy. i'm totally excited and nervous at the same time - will my house make a lame ass setting? will i get the dreaded tori spelling pregnant face in the next 24 hours? am i going to be able to make myself look decent doing my own hair and makeup, or will i look like ass? answers to these burning questions and more, coming soon.

and, while at the mall, i stopped at cathy jean (which is a shop i NEVER find anything at, but somehow always manage to find myself in) to see if i could find something to go with my fabuloso ABS dress for saturday. i was truly amazed to find a pair that i actually liked, wouldn't break the bank, and aren't too high that i'll break my neck getting out of the car. i got these, in gold!

my dear mollydog has also gotten much, much better. thanks for everyone's healthy vibes and good wishes! i spent a solid, frustrating half hour with her yesterday trying to get her to take her pills. i'd hold her, blow her kisses, pry open her mouth and stuff a pill down. then i'd slam her jaw shut (okay, that sounds violent as hell) and hold it till i felt her swallow. but of course, the little shit (who always chooses the most inconvenient times to be smart) would look at me, smack her lips and out would pop the half-chewed pill. we must've repeated this exercise about 20 times before i finally got both pills down her gullet. this morning, i smashed the pills and mixed them in with her peanut butter doggy treat stuff and stuck it on the roof of her mouth. haha! who's smart NOW, huh? huh?? WOOF!


  1. i'm cracking up at the image of you trying to outsmart molly with the whole pill debacle. comedy! those shoes are adorable and are going to look fab with that dress :-) and yay!!! for getting the shower locale all worked out!

  2. You dominator you! And I think Tori's face could be classified as more of a pregnant snout than face. You have nothing to worry about. Happy pictures tomorrow!

  3. Wow! That's a lot going on! Get lost of rest, preggo lady!

  4. first of all you will look adorable because you are adorable. second, we always give molly her pills (she takes antidepressants) with peanut butter. we also say "doy ou want a treat?" and she has never been the wiser. i was doing it the hard way (i.e. the holding the mouth shut) but i felt bad about it, even though i knew it was good for her. also, can i say that i really feel this cosmic connecction now that you posted the jessie spano freakout??? :)

  5. and i have a question for you: we're working on a invitation design and i'm wondering if you might know of any super awesome stamps wiht a tree design. or something. we should talk.


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