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Friday, August 3, 2007

is the day over yet?

first off, here he is - little nathan john! i went to visit my friend A at the hospital today and got to meet the little man. he's adorable - just perfect. okay, this is not quite a "pictorial" as promised yesterday, but he's such an angel -he did a lot of snoozing and a little squirming, but not a single cry (unlike the other newborns all up and down the hall). i never did get to see his eyes (i'm told they're a light gray at the moment), and i was kind of ascared to hold him. how lame am i? but how cute is he??

after taking the kid to meet up with her dad (today was the end of my week), i hit the gym - for the first time all week. oops. and then i ran a few errands and came home to find that my poor doggy had diarrhea-cha-cha-cha'd all around her paper. ugh. i don't think i mentioned it yesterday, but i think she managed to get ahold of some cookies in the kid's room that her friends were munching on, and she just ralphed all over the house. yummy. so, on today's agenda was a 4:30 appointment at the vet's to get her checked out.

oh, and the vet was just FULL of fun information. molly's tummy was all tense and she was just sad - kept her tail down and looked up at me with the saddest doggy eyes ever. poor baby had to endure a blood draw, two injections of meds, and got shaved down in a couple places that she'd managed to tear her skin up. and here's the prescription for the next week:
  • boiled chicken and rice instead of her regular food for four days
  • a mixture of pedialyte (yes, the stuff babies drink) and water, to replenish her electrolytes, also for four days
  • two kinds of pills twice a day for a week
  • ointment (a yucky word) on her scabs (another lovely one) twice a day
aren't you just so jealous of me? i know you are. now just cross your fingers that nothing freaky comes of the blood tests. not to mention, i walked out of the vet's office $285 poorer. [sigh]

and lastly, i went home and snapped this week's belly pic. i'm smiling, but gritting my teeth from all the crap of the day. i'd managed to almost eat shit getting in the car on the way to the hospital, and then after i'd cleaned up molly's barf and poop, i slammed my finger in the door. i have body parts STILL throbbing from my klutziness.


  1. Oh, no! I'm so sad that Molly...SAH-dun-ly!

  2. ooooh, that happened to our molly within a month or so of getting her. we came home to her in a kennel FULL of diarrhea-cha-cha-cha, as you put it, and she was trembling and puking and kept trying to get outside and pooping by the door and then looking guilty for pooping inside... poor thing. we had to take her to the emergency vet, take her to the vets office several times, pills, special diet,days off of work... it was an ordeal but she is fine now (we never did figure out what she had.) our molly hopes your molly is feeling better already. (So do I, for your sake.)

  3. Dude, stop, would you? As soon as you were talking about ralphing, I heard my kitty Chase puking downstairs. UGH!

  4. He is so adorable! Your belly is so adorable! The rest of your day, not so much:(

  5. The little guy is adorable - so fresh! I found your blog through WeezerMonkey and Nanette's blog. I'll add you to my fav's list. I've been reading for a while and always laugh! I also LOVE your stationary website!

  6. First, lemme tell you that you're adorable in your shorts for the preggy pic. Second, that baby is precious. Third, poor Molly. She's lucky to have you take care of her.


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