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Monday, August 13, 2007

i have issues.

you're sitting there going "um, tell me something i DIDN'T already know." right? i know. it's cool, though, i still love you.

i'm horribly addicted to burger king's "mocha joe" iced coffee drink. yes, i know, i'm supposed to be caffeine-free. but it's so delicious, and a little caffeine is okay - everything in moderation, you know. hey, my doc said so. besides, it washes down my croissan'wich REALLY nicely. mmmmm.

the kid's been on a trip to mexico, checking out aztec ruins with her dad and his brood since last wednesday. i'm really missing her a lot - she'd normally have been home on friday morning. they fly home tonight and i'll get to pick her up tomorrow morning. miss. my. kid. like. mad.

at the party on saturday, we had to field the "do you have a name for the baby?" question about 487529083475 times. i'm being a crazy hormonal pregnant woman about the name game - we've decided not to reveal the bean's moniker until after she makes her grand entrance. folks inevitably want to give you their unsolicited opinion, and we don't really want to deal with it. now, we haven't actually finalized what it's going to be, but after having to smile and say "no, we don't have a name yet" and then dealing with "well, let's hear what you've got in mind!", from now on our answer is going to be "wonder woman" or "beulah rose". and then give a plastic smile.

we drove around what will be our new hometown yesterday, scouting out things like grocery stores, movie rental joints, car washes, etc. we're going to be walking distance to the the VERY small (but cute) downtown area, so that's going to be fun. there are TWO upscale baby stores within a block of each other (which i think is weird, but hey, whatever), plus a handful of cute clothing boutiques, a "my girlfriend's kitchen" (a dream dinners type of place) that i plan to hit up immediately, a cigar shop (the hub's already calculated the exact distance from our front door, oy vey), and two separate day spas! i was already thinking about getting information on treatments and such, and then the thought occurred to me: i won't be able to take advantage of this unless the hub's home! and, uh, it's not like he can wheel the baby into the cigar shop while i get a massage. and then it really hit me that we're going to have a baby. okay, duh, but life as we know it will never be the same. now, don't get me wrong - i'm thrilled beyond belief to be bringing a new little life into this world that will be shaped by me, the hub, and the kid - but things will be quite different in seven weeks. how selfish of me. ack.

lastly, invitations are out for MIL's shower! although it looks yellow in the picture, the ribbon is actually orange. i heart these a lot.


  1. Ha! I think "wonder woman" is the perfect name! :) And, I have never tried a mocha joe, but it sounds amazing!

  2. People need to mind their own damn business. I hate people. Stupid people.

  3. I thought the bean's name was Silly Me. It was marked and all. :)

  4. Oooh so cute! Love the invites. Love that you're about to have a BABY!!

  5. ah, sorry you're missing the kid. :-( hope she is home soon! and yup, you're gonna have a baby. hehehehe. i say you and hubs just take turns between the cigar shop and the day spa. not with the child, of course, but you know what i mean ;-)


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