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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

good news/bad news/good news

at least there's SOME good in there. read on:

amazingly, the hub's schedule was totally c
lear yesterday, and so we spent the day together, which was a fabulous change from the norm. i mean, that NEVER happens! i'm sure some of you can relate ;) we actually started doing some packing - for the move that may not even take place. mm-hmm. i found out on monday while enrolling the kid in school that we're literally ONE stinking block out of the district boundary for the school that she's supposed to attend. son of a... you can only imagine how pissed off we are. now, while we really like the house and the future landlord, the school was the ONLY reason we were moving. she was rather shocked to find out the news as well. and the only other house on the market for rent that's in the district is far from ideal - but we may have to resort to putting in an offer to lease it after all. meh.

now, i'm on pins and needles till friday to see if my inter-district transfer request gets approved. i've even tapped my ex-boss for help - his wife had told me at the last christmas party that they were friends with the school principal. and this morning i get an email from him that says "better get her enrolled in the other school, just in case" - they'd filled in the
principal, who has a rep for being a really nice guy, and i guess he knows of the situation and will do what he can, but "space is tight". SHIT. cross your fingers.

we stopped at the verizon store to get th
e hub's bluetooth earpiece hooked up to his new phone and i walked out with this (totally biting off of my friend M):

the new blackberry is quite a fun toy - e-mails in real time, full keyboard, ability to open attachments, internet access, etc. it's ALMOST the perfect phone...but it doesn't have a camera. now, the verizon rep uttered a "pshaw"-like grunt when i expressed my shock and disbelief at this fact, but seriously - i use my cell phone camera a lot. A LOT. and i have been a crackberry addict before - i had one of the very first versions, way back in 2002-ish. but the lack of a camera could very well be a dealbreaker. i've got 30 days to try this thing out to see if i really like it enough to keep it for two years. my cousin's BB has a built-in camera, but she's with t-mobile. damn you, verizon, and your lack of up-to-the-minute equipment!! for those of you who have the verizon BB, WDYT?

and then, when we got home, we found a box on the doorstep.
one glance told me it was from one of our registries (at pottery barn kids). woo-hoo! it reminds me of the weeks before our wedding, when we were a regular stop on the UPS man's route. so. much. fun. i opened the box to find this:

but no card. argh. luckily, the PBK registry has a "gift and thank you tracker" feature, so i logged on and was able to figure out who the giver was. time to bust out the thank-you notes! now, if i can get my hands on a photo that we took with crissy expressly for this purpose, i'm all good.

now, i think i deserve a mani/pedi, don't you? my friend A was looking for nail salon recs yesterday and i decided to give dashing diva a try, so i could report back about the experience. and why? well, i'm just a good friend like that.


  1. see, look what a great excuse i gave you for trying out a new place ;-) how fun getting to hang with hubs for the whole day -- and on a weekday no less!! mine, on the other hand, didn't get home til 5... this morning. :X

  2. Yeah, one of the things I hate about my BB is that there's no camera. My phone is also the generation behind yours. I like getting the emails real time, but if I could do it again, I might get the Palm Treo for ease of internet and other Microsoft applications (has a Microsoft OS).

  3. Yay for the gift! It looks uber-cute :)

  4. Hubbs has the Palm Treo and the only thing he hates is that he sits on it sometimes and accidentally calls people with his ass.

    I am really crossing my fingers for you with the school and the new house.

  5. No camera = no bueno. As you know, I am addicted to my phone's camera.

  6. Yay for the new toy! Prepare to be addicted! :) Glad you and the hubs got to spend a whole day together.

  7. Mine doesn't have a camera either...totally kills my paparazzi abilities, but I'm learning to deal. Glad I inspired you~ HA!!


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