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Friday, August 10, 2007


well, sort of. maybe a little bit. hmmm.

MIL and i were talking about the upcoming shower, discussing the venue and layout, etc., and she asked me what i wanted to give as favors. now, all along, i've had in mind some cute shaped sugar cookies shaped like onesies (or "oh-nee-zees", as a good friend of mine calls them), all done up in pink and orange (i totally swiped the color scheme from this same friend, hee!) icing and then wrapped in cellophane, finished with color-coordinated ribbon. because everything has to match, right? RIGHT?

and then as i woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 5:30 (courtesy of molly, who's unquestionably back to normal), an image of our candy buffet from the wedding popped in my head. i decided, right then and there at 5:32am, that i HAD to have a mini
version of this table of treats at the shower. i've got another window open already, looking for pink and orange selections at candy warehouse. this place is actually within a 5-minute drive for me, so it's uber convenient. and even with the boxes and scoops, it'll probably still be cheaper than the cookie idea! at least, that's what i'm telling myself.

as the hub was getting ready for work, i was peppering him with comments and requests for his opinion. i got the typical raised eyebrow and the deadpan "that sounds great, babe." twhatever. i pressed on:

even though i haven't seen them yet, i'm going to make a guest book of sorts using photos from the maternity shoot with crissy. folks can sign in if they like, offer baby advice, draw faces on the photos (hopefully on the ones of the hub and not me), whatever comes to mind. and this totally answers his sarcastic query about "what the hell are you going to DO with these pictures? we have TONS of pictures already."

[sigh] boys. they just don't get it.

and as i proofread this post, i realize that the title is ABSOLUTELY appropriate. holy crap. i've turned into one of *those* girls. poop.

i don't give a shit, though. i'm going to thoroughly enjoy the shower. and i hope there are leftovers from the candy buffet ;)

lastly, a quick shout-out to my dear brother, who's already copped to reading my blog on a regular basis. i love it! [waving at A] see you at dinner tonight, bro!


  1. Of course you're doing a candy buffet. You're you.

    And I love the book idea. That's totally cute.

  2. What happened w/ Molly? She still looks adorable as ever.

    Have to admit that the onesie cookie would make a great favors but since you're having 70+ guests, the candy buffet would be a fun activity. It's be like kids at a candy store.

    I'm doing that for my party next week. So excited about it.

  3. A candy buffet would be uber-fun IMO.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out Jen, but that was between you and me...

  5. I still have not been somewhere that has had a candy buffet. Sweet! (pun intended)

    I'm getting the same complaint about "What are we going to do with all those pictures? We already have pictures." boys.

    And hi to your bro!

  6. Love the idea of the book!

    And that oh-nee-zee cookie is too cute!

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  8. (Typo in my previous comment.) You're nuts. But that's why we love you. ;)

  9. love the cookies you were thinking about, but with that many guests, the candy buffet sounds awesome!


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