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Friday, August 24, 2007

give me strength.

here we are - just over 5 weeks left to go. hoe-ley shit. and yes, i'm wearing the same ensemble i had on a few weeks ago in my belly pic. twhatever - i'm starting to run out of options here, and i refuse to buy any more maternity clothes.

i DO have something fabulous to look forward to - my wonderful SFAMily (that's "sistas from another mista, hee!) is throwing me a shower tomorrow! i'm so excited - they've kept a lot of the details a surprise, so look for a full blog entry soon (probably on monday). i. cannot. wait.

the kid's school is KILLING me. they said they'd have an answer for me by today on whether her transfer request was going to be approved or not, and this morning (i even waited until a fairly respectable time to call, instead of picking up the phone right at 8 like i wanted to), they tell me "all requests are on hold until tuesday, when we find out exactly how many no-shows we have." mothafucka.

but in looking for a silver lining, hey - at least they haven't denied the request. right? but i can't get past the thought of the kid having to potentially have a second "first day of school". it's a big enough transition as it is, and i really hope things work out for the best. cross your fingers for us, will ya? i've got everything crossed but my eyes over here. oy vey.

amazingly, the hub stayed home with me again yesterday. two days in one week! this NEVER happens. we worked on finishing up the packing of the kitchen, supervised the cleaning crew, took the dog for a bath, and hung out. it was lovely - until the air conditioning took a shit. so the hub called his dad, who's a construction supervisor and knows all, and the first thing he asked was "have you changed the air filter lately?"

um, air filter? heh. we've had this central air unit for four years and NEVER changed it. and when he pulled it out, it was like a damn brick. clogged to the gills with a note on the side that said "change every three months". bwahahahaha! problem solved, but it didn't work properly until this morning. so we sweated it out all night. and now, the damn thing is blowing like nobody's business. i've got icicles on my nose now, and I LOVE IT.

i'm off to pick up the kid and go get her class schedule for the school she's actually enrolled in. and, it's bye bye blackberry - i've decided to take it back and wait to see if they bust out with any other cool phones. i seriously can't stand not having a camera! you just never know what you have till it's gone. ya heard?!?


  1. Look at you, looking all beautiful and preggo! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. The good news for you about most Southern California schools is low enrollment...meaning there are fewer kids returning to schools each year b/c it's so darn expensive to live in So Cal. Not sure where you're trying to enroll your daughter, but there is definitely hope that there will be "no shows". Have a wonderful shower weekend! Looking forward to the pics and recap on Monday!

  3. I'm crossing everything for ya. Can't wait til tomorrow :)

  4. Ditch the black berry! Yay! I'll cross a couple things for you and the kid over my way too.

    Looking forward to tomorrow! Weee!

  5. you looked so adorable at your baby shower!!!! thanks for always leaving comments. it makes my day. they are always so funny! :) i hope when i have kids, i am as cute as you.

  6. Bah, the Blackberry should go back. Cameras all the way! Keeping my fingers crossed for the kid's school!


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