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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

favorite moments from tuesYAY

"hey mom, it's weird - i don't feel nervous or anything about the first day of school." - the kid, just before refusing breakfast due to an upset stomach

"ooh, look, you can hardly see my stretch marks anymore!" - me, prior to the lightbulb coming on and the sad realization that this is because my gut is friggin' stretched out to the max

"i just got a call from the principal - and his first words were "i've got good news for you!" - the hub, on our way to the doctor

"oh, we get to move the other black bar over today!" - the nurse, while i'm cringing on the scale

"well, now, you've had a pretty fantastically boring pregnancy, haven't you?" - the doctor, after my repeated "no"s to her questions

"let me know when you're free and i'll schedule a spa visit for us." - my mom, via e-mail

"hey, you just got a package." - the hub, brandishing a box from the fedex man

"did you get the other package that's supposed to be delivered to you?" -

"hey, there's a box on the doorstep!" - the kid, as we pulled into the driveway

"woof!" - my doggy, as the UPS man made another delivery

"man, packing sucks ass." - the hub, as he sat on the couch with remote in hand and i stood in the kitchen, bubble-wrapping everything within arm's reach (in his defense, he'd just pulled a crapload of stuff out and moved a plethora of boxes)

"i'm gonna go to disneyland next week, because i went pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty A LOT." - my friend's adorable 2 1/2 year old daughter, proudly waving her cinderella doll

"so i made a few friends today. too bad i won't ever see them again. muahahahahaha!" - the kid, upon hearing that her transfer had been approved

and this conversation, while enjoying some fine dining at the old spaghetti factory, which the kid inexplicably ADORES. the hub is less than enthused about this place, as he used to work at one in high school, but he always gives in because he loves to make her happy. we were celebrating the kid's first day of junior high and getting all the paperwork done at the new school. i forget exactly what we were talking about, but the hub was in one of his weird/funny moods:

me: "ugh, babe, you're being obtuse."

hub: "
kid: "yeah, you're obtuse. i'm a-cute."

the kid and i look at each other and instantly dissolve into uncontrollable giggles at her uncharacteristically math-related cleverness, while the hub shakes his head in amused silence.

yup, it was a good day.


  1. Ha, ha! CUTE!

    Let me add one from last week.

    "MOM! Get over here! I'm TOTALLY stressing out!" - a 7-year-old girl at Payless Shoes

    Her mom's response was, "Uh-uh. You are SPOILED," while laughing at her.

  2. You're like a modern-day William Faulkner. ;)

  3. Those are great! Tuesyay was a busy day. :)

  4. very cute! sounds like it was a busy, but fun day :-)

  5. heeey, our mollys could play together! my molly is scared too, so they could slowly get used to each other and be timid friends. :)

  6. Tues-yay, indeed! So stoked you get the "good school"

    Yay flag up!


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