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Monday, August 20, 2007

exploding vajay-jays, costco gas rage, and firefly.

i had no idea that costco gas inspired such anger! haha!

i was coming home from the gym just now and stopped to fill up my near-empty tank. i was sitting in the rear seat
while it was filling up because i was pooped (lame) with my eyes shut (even lamer), and my gas catnap is interrupted by a really loud, obnoxious horn. i turn to see an old man in a toyota prius pulling up to the pump next to me, with a really mad mom in a minivan right on his ass, honking like there's no tomorrow. like, this chick was bent. and the poor man threw his hybrid in drive and BONED OUTTA THERE. it was comical. and the lady pulled up to the pump, got out, and started pumping her gas, bluetooth earpiece in place and muttering angrily. and her kid was sitting in the front seat with wide eyes and jaw on the floor. obviously, i didn't see what had happened before the honking erupted, but it was pretty damn funny. i was still chuckling when i got to the stoplight on my way out of costco and saw prius man waiting to turn left, cowering in his seat. comedy.

so we went to the first installment of "prepared childbirth" class yesterday. it really wasn't that bad - we started a little after 9, took a break at 10, lunch at 11:20 till noon, and were outta there by 1:30. much better than the 9-3 published schedule. i'll spare y'all the details, because i'm cool like that, but as the hub was describing the class to my bro, the words "exploding vaginas" were used several times. hilarious. poor guy - but although he talks a great game ("i'm so gonna be in the waiting room with a cigar"), i know he's going to be a great source of calm and support for me. he kept most of us giggling in class too, including the instructor - but he is the most patient and supportive man i know, and i don't have any doubt that he's going to think of ways to keep me relaxed and focused. awww, i sure do love him :)

last night was dinner with my immediate family to celebrate my mom's birthday. for a change from our usual list of venues, i'd suggested firefly bistro - that's right, the site of the first annual SFAMily holiday hoorah. while the weather was drastically different from that day, there were fans stationed around the restaurant and it had cooled down considerably by the time we were having dessert.

it was a fun evening - lots of yummy food and easy, light conversation. i learned that my brother and his g/f are graduating from grad school on 5/12/08, my sister's really enjoying her job, and BIL was the recipient of the "clean plate award" at one of his first jobs out of college :) my mom showed me a picture of the flowers that we'd sent her for her birthday, and the hub regaled the table with tales of the birthing class we'd just gone through. actually, that's kind of what ended the evening. haha!

i didn't take any pictures, but i did enjoy a lovely BLT dungeness crab napoleon appetizer - it was sweet dungeness crabmeat and goat cheese piled on top of a juicy slice of beefsteak tomato, with a piece of yellow pepper on top of that, also topped with the crabmeat/goat cheese mixture and a bit of smoked bacon. everything's better with bacon, you know. plus there was a drizzle of vinaigrette and some arugula leaves, and it was really tasty. the hub ordered their version of a "wedge" salad - but when it arrived, we both looked at it sideways, because it was like no wedge salad we'd ever seen. i mean, it wasn't even a wedge! it was just a regular salad with all the typical wedge trimmings. weird, but he ate it anyway. for our main courses, i opted for what sounded like a really weird combo - shrimp and grits - and he decided to go with the seared ahi. both were delish (i'm guessing his was, because he earned his own clean plate award), and now i know that grits aren't as gross as they sound ;)

i enjoyed a vanilla bean & chocolate creme brulee while my sister hunted down the waitress to have her bring a mini cheesecake with a candle for my mom. it was kind of weird - she'd already told her that there was a birthday at the table, and all the waitress said was "sure, i'll bring dessert menus." [scooby doo noise] but whatever - she brought it and we sang "happy birthday" to my easily-embarrassed mom.

okay - it's 11:30 and i've already done two loads of laundry, hit the gym, dropped off and picked up drycleaning, got gas, fed the dog, and posted my blog entry for the day. now it's time to start packing up the kitchen and get the kid enrolled in school - which starts in exactly 8 days. i'm thrilled. she's not. muahahahahahaha!


  1. no wonder you're tired--that's a lotta stuff to cram into part of a day! also, agreed on the "everything's better with bacon" stance. so true.

  2. erik is going to be great and i'm cackling at "exploding vajayjays". um, did you say chocolate and creme brulee in the same sentence? [drool]

  3. Best subject line ever.

  4. We saw some dungeness crabs eating a dead fellow dungeness crab today at the aquarium. A kid asked, "What are they doing?" I said, "The crabs are eating a dead crab. It's called cannibalism."

    The kid looked scared, and his mom glared at me.

    Mr. Monkey said, "What? It's true." And we left. Laughing.

  5. Omg. I am cracking up at "exploding vajayjays." Too funny!

  6. I think the title sums up all the things I love about this post. :)

  7. Too. Funny.

    It's so nice to hear how supportive Erik is to you :) Definitely brings warm fuzzy feelings.


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