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Monday, August 6, 2007

sushi, poo, a movie, and shopping.

and not necessarily in that order.

so it was quite the weekend. luckily, after all the troubles of friday, things definitely took an upward turn!

when the hub got home, he took some time to give molly some lovin', because she was just so sad and mopey. poor thing. and then we decided we'd try to catch the next showing of the bourne ultimatum at our local theater. it's located in an "old town" section that does a weekly street fair, so we figured we could grab some grub and head in to the movie. but here's what always happens to us - after we found parking and something
for dinner, we were smack dab in between showings. it was another hour till the next show, so we decided to grab a drink at coffee bean and call it a night.

saturday, i woke up to check on the dog and found that she was still spewing poo. boo. and she wasn't touching any of the water! i guess she could smell the unflavored pedialyte (ew) i'd added in, per the vet's instructions. he called me later and gave me the good news that whatever she'd managed to eat hadn't caused any permanent damage, but that there were elevated toxins in her kidneys that needed to be flushed out. so i put out a dish of regular old water (because something's better than nothing, right?) and she lapped happily and
peed soon after. she's also digging the boiled chicken and rice diet she's on. ha - she's getting homecooked meals. that's better than what the hub's been getting lately. although we did have dinner with his folks that evening at the union cattle company in old town pasadena. yummy.

the next morning, we hit up the 11:00 church service (that's late, but it was hell trying to get the hub out of bed that day) and then headed back out towards pasadena to find some food (it seems like we're ALWAYS looking for a meal, huh?). we ended up at sushi roku and had some fabulous chilean sea bass, asparagus tempura, popcorn rock shrimp tempura, plus plenty of bigeye sushi for the hub. so scrumptious.

on the way back out to colorado, i spied a fabulous grecian-style dress in the ABS store window. with the toga party coming up this weekend, i jokingly pointed at it and said "hey, i just found my outfit for saturday!" hub took one look and said "let's go in!" as soon as i picked my jaw up off the floor, i followed him inside.

although the dress that caught my eye wasn't going to work (not to mention that the price tag started with a 5 - um, no), i DID walk out with a dress that i absolutely love:

i'm so gonna rock this thing with some gold sandals and accessories. and i'm excited that i'll be able to wear it after the baby's born, too. it's not quite a toga, but it's as close as i'm gonna get.

i made one more stop in pasadena (paper source, because i hadn't been there in, oh, two days or so) before we decided to drive by the house we're moving into in a few weeks and see if it'd been painted yet. the rest of the day saw us finally get to see jason bourne in action, and then i actually got the hub to go with me to the gym. it was comical - we did about 40 minutes of cardio, and as we headed home i said "now see, don't you feel great?" and he looked at me, sweat dripping from his brow, and said "i think i'm going to throw up." bwahahahahaha! WUSS!!

and this morning, i went in for my doctor's appointment. i'm 32 weeks along now, and i've gained 18 pounds thus far. so, so creepy. it's all good though - she said that the baby's measuring perfectly, and she even snuck in a portable ultrasound machine to take a peek. technically, we're not supposed to get any more ultrasounds unless there are medical issues (which i'm happy to NOT have), so it was really nice of her to do that for us. we also got to hear the bean's heartbeat, during which she pummeled the crap out of my insides. ha! and we signed up for a shitload of prebirth classes, including a breastfeeding course that the hub is THRILLED to be attending.

"why do i have to be there? i can't do any of it."
"well, i'm going to be there, so you will, too."
"i hope there are going to be live demos by some hot chicks."

just put it in your blackberry, honey, and don't schedule any "meetings", mmkay?


  1. Cute dress and I'm hungry now. Thanks. It's been so long since we did sushi and I miss it. Sounds like a busy, fun weekend. :)

  2. LOL! Love your conversation about the breastfeeding class!

  3. "hot chicks giving live demonstrations..." Sounds like something Mr. Shorty would say!!! Gotta love breastfeeding... ;)


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