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Thursday, August 30, 2007

i'm pregnant.

yes, i realize this isn't news. but honestly, through the last 8 months, i've never felt as pregnant as i did yesterday. like, it just HIT me. i've been waddling for a while, but all of a sudden i just felt absolutely ginormous. i don't even know what it was, but it's like i was totally leading my body around by my belly, which seems like it's doubled in size overnight! my legs feel overworked under the extra weight, i can't breathe, and it doesn't help that it's hotter than the ninth circle of hell these days. still love being pregnant, to be honest, and i'm not ready for it to end yet, but wow. just, wow.

i am, however, happy to say that i've made it to the gym two mornings in a row, and plan to hit it up again tomorrow. having the kid around really helps motivate me, because the gym is right on the way home and i have absolutely no excuse not to go. i'm definitely slowing down - my heart rate shoots up when i'm just warming up - but i figure, it's still better than nothing.
i ran a shitload of errands today. it's almost ridiculous, how many times i parked and got in and out of the car. check this:
  • took the kid to school
  • went to the gym
  • came home, saw the hub off for his fishing trip, and took a shower
  • went back to dashing diva to get the damn fake nails removed - i couldn't stand it anymore
  • stopped in at famima!! (it's a very exciting convenience store, heh) for snacks (mmm, shrimp chips. the calpico drink, not so much)
  • headed to paseo colorado for a couple of gifts
  • snuck into nordstrom and bath & body works
  • drove to bed bath & beyond for more stuff
  • looked for candy buffet supplies at michael's
  • picked up a tote bag at ross (i hate that store, but i had a gift card)
  • finished off the kid's school supplies at staples
  • picked the kid up from school
  • parked at the art supply store before realizing we'd left the supply list at home
  • bought stamps at the post office
  • quenched the kid's thirst for iced tea at 7-11
  • HOME!
dear lord in heaven, i'm pooped.

update: the kid and i are packing (her room, my office) and she just looked at me and said "oh em gee, did you just get bigger in the last hour?" [sigh]


  1. good heavens. i'm exhausted just reading your to-do list.

    got any iced tea left over? worked up a thirst reading your list.

  2. Ditto Cee. I was going to pretty much say the exact. same. thing.

    And you're still the cutest little pregnant person I've ever seen.

  3. Shrimp chips, huh? Sounds pretty good. And dude, I am impressed you are working out, eight months pregnant!

  4. The only good flavor of Calpico is original. And that is GREAT. Mr. Monkey is a freak and likes strawberry, peach, mango, and all sorts of weird sht. I don't touch those.

    Somebody gave you a GC to Ross?!

  5. i wish we had a store with good snacks like that around here. i want those hello kitty puffs. i can't eat shrimp, so those are out. no wonder you needed snacks. when i'm eight months preggo you can best believe i will not be running that many errands. you are a supastar.

  6. dang girl -- you did a accomplish a lot! and the kid kills me, ha!

  7. As I finished reading your post...I just said "geez now I'm tired!" Hang in there...its almost over-then you'll really be exhausted, but in a good way of course!


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