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Friday, August 31, 2007

wide open weekend

so yesterday, the hub took off for a boys-only fishing trip with his dad, grandpa, and brother. he'll be gone for several days, returning on tuesday afternoon. not quite as lengthy as the africa trip, but still a good chunk of time away. i'm cool with that, as i usually am about him taking off sans me - i relish the time alone to do whatever the hell i feel like, and then just as i'm missing him, poof! he's home.

as i'm driving the kid to school today - after which she goes back to the dark side for a week - she looks over mournfully at me and says "mom, how long are you going to be all alone till E gets home?"

i smile and tell her that he'll be back on tuesday. "but that's a long time for you to be by yourself! that kinda sucks, i'm sorry."

SHE CARES! she really cares :) i thought it was sweet.

the doc and the hub have both repeatedly shook their finger at me and told me to make sure i take it easy and not do too much. as much as i really love the excuse to be lazy as all hell, it just doesn't
feel right. especially as we finally have an official moving date - which is looming ever-so-ominously near. the kid and i managed to make some headway last night in her room and my office...and then headed to in-n-out for dinner. ha! twice in one week for me. that's pretty crazy, considering i went for months without indulging in a yummy double-double. and this time i didn't hold back - i went for that neopolitan shake, too. oh, so scrumptious.

i've already been fairly productive this morning, too. i kept my word and hit the gym after dropping the kid off, and also dropped off a truckload of shower thank-yous at the post office. i'd love to elaborate, but it'll have to wait till next week. ;)

and last night, as the kid and i relaxed after stuffing ourselves silly, i busted out the bag of hello kitty marshmallow treats. because what i really needed was more snacks, right? there's always room for snacks. i popped one of those squishy puffs in my mouth, glanced down at the bag and found this:

i must've made a face similar to this:
because the kid took one look at me, ran over and saw what i was looking at, and cracked the hell up.

"BWAHAHAHAHA, mom, you're totally eating OLD marshmallows! ew!"

fuck it. i ate a few more and i'm eyeing the bag as i type this. hmph.

it's gonna be a hot ass long weekend, all. keep that water within arm's reach and stay hydrated! i don't want to hear about anybody passing out from the unbearable heat. be safe and have fun!


  1. dahahahahaha! As long as there's no green fur, you should be fine.

  2. i bet that's really a sell-by date. oh wait. it's after the sell-by date too. well, candy is loaded with so many perservatives . . . they taste fine, don't they? that's all that counts. i love the relationship you have with your daughter. so good. it makes me happy.

  3. too funny! try not to melt this weekend :-)

  4. [insert trademark WeeMo "wah wah wah wah" sounds here]

  5. lol very entertaining blog =)

    speaking of heat- wish me luck, i'm headed to the antelope valley fair tomorrow out in lancaster, meeting the sisinlaw and kiddies. its going to be 10 times hotter out there, not really looking forward to that.

  6. Marshmallows are mostly gelatin made of ground up animal (horse) hooves and crap anyway. I think the thing I'd worry about least is how old they are.

    Oh & speaking of wide open weekends... keep an eye out for a package from MI on your doorstep.


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