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Saturday, August 18, 2007

a minor freak-out, and karma is a bitch.

so yesterday, i was bored and decided to check out the zillion new baby-related boards on the nest. as i pulled up the first one, the very first thing i noticed was a countdown at the top of the page. "34 weeks - 44 days to go!" it said.

forty-four days? FORTY-FOUR DAYS?? are you effing kidding me right now? i got up in a daze and went over to the hub, who was
reading e-mails on his laptop.

hub: "what's wrong?"
me [in a robot-like, monotone voice]: "i was looking at a webpage that i'd entered our due date on once, and it said we only have 44 days left. holy shit."
hub [with a giant grin]: "well, babe, did you think we had more time than that?"
me: "i guess not, but we have SO MUCH SHIT TO DO. "six weeks" sounds better than "44 days" to me."
hub: "don't worry! we'll get it all done. piece o'cake!"

and then the tears came. hell, i'm tearing up a little just thinking about it. holy mother of poo, i almost channeled jessie spano - sans caffeine pills. again.

so today, i dropped the kid off with her dad at the usual spot and then headed out to meet with a florist near the country club to check out centerpieces for the 09.09.07 shower (again, i know i shouldn't be as involved as i am, but the hub and his entire family are all out helping his great-grandmother move all her worldly possessions into his grandparents' house this weekend). i knew i wanted simple and cheap - but no carnations - so what we'll have is a 6" bubble bowl (sounds better than "fish bowl", even though that's pretty much what it is) containing hot pink, orange, and white gerber daisies, plus a couple of roses and some curly willow stuff in the bottom. not very imaginative, i know, but i actually do love gerber daisies and it was easy. flowers, check.

this morning, before he left for BFE, the hub handed me his leftover cash from his quickie vegas trip and said "go get the stroller and the car seat, and whatever else you feel like picking up today." woo-hoo! and the right start store was oh-so-conveniently located a couple of miles down the street from the florist. yay! i scooped up that stroller and bassinet and was on my merry way within about 15 minutes. sadly for me, the car seat still wasn't available in-store, and i'm too cheap to pay the extra shipping costs, so i'll just continue to wait. hell, i've got 44 days, right? well, i guess it's 43 now. :/

and as i'm sitting at the freeway on-ramp waiting for the meter (why it was metered on a saturday afternoon, i couldn't figure out), i look at the receipt and realize that the lady had grossly undercharged me. like, she rang up the stroller correctly, and then got distracted and scanned a sticker for something significantly cheaper than the bassinet. i feel guilty about it, but obviously not guilty enough to drive back and fix it. :X and then as i go to take a sip of my mocha joe (shut up), i tilt the cup a little too far and D-OH! end up spilling down the front of my shirt. and not even on the part that would have hidden a stain easily - right on the beige part. greeeeeat - i can't go around with coffee on my top! so even though i'm trying to get to my next stop with some time to grab lunch, i run into target and pick up a new tee. and, of course, it doesn't match with my shoes, so i scoop up a pair of flip-flops in an appropriate color. heh.

we've been trying to tour the birth center at the hospital, which is done on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd saturdays of the month (unless you want the tour in the super secret language, in which case you'd go on the 4th saturday). last weekend, i stupidly forgot all about it and we hung out at home, blissfully ignorant instead. and when we looked at the calendar, we realized that we're almost completely out of time to get this done. so i told the hub i'd go today, and he could go during the baby shower weekend extravaganza. not the greatest scenario - touring the birth center separately - but it seems to be the only way we can do it. it's almost more important for him to do it than for me, because if things go naturally, i won't be of much help when i'm in labor and he's behind the wheel. ya know?

so i pull into a parking spot at the hospital, change my top and shoes, and waddle my ass into the building. now, i'm not completely sure where to go for the tour, so i'm looking at all of the signs in the building and find nothing that references the tour. crap. and on top of it, i have to pee. luckily, i'm about 10 minutes early anyway. and after i do the deed, i walk over to the elevators and find a lovely yellow sign that tells me "birth center tour cancelled for this afternoon. sorry for the inconvenience." son of a....

this is what i get for not going back and paying for that fucking bassinet, isn't it?


  1. Ha! Just blame it on your "preggo-brain." Nice wheels! The 'lil bean is sure gonna be stylin! ;)

  2. Dang, that sucks. When are you going to do the tour now - second Saturday of September?

  3. dude, that sucks. but that stroller IS pretty snazzy... :)

  4. Poo. Maybe next time you can call ahead to make sure the tour isn't cancelled.

  5. I think the hospital owes you a private tour considering you went through all that to be presentable for it and they canceled.

  6. if they do the tour over labor day weekend (how appropriate), i'll hit it solo while the hub's gone fishing. and then if we can, we'll go again together on the 15th. i like to procrastinate.


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