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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

glutton for punishment.

[raising hand] yes, that would be me. and why?

it's going to be 98981498 degrees today, and i'll be spending my day at universal studios with the kid and one of her buds.

now, before you call the men in white suits to come and get me, let me explain:

i found out that the mexico trip the kid was supposed to be on last week with her pops didn't happen. now, she IS at an age where this probably wasn't something she was necessarily looking forward to, but still. the hub and i felt bad that her vacation fell through, like so many other things that - well, i'll leave that alone.

so we sat there at dinner last night, trying to get ideas out of her to at least get some enjoyment out of this, her last week with us for summer vacation (she starts school on 8/28). and of course, being the typical tween that she is, she shot down every idea we came up with -
san diego, the beach, VEGAS. and nothin'.

however, we'd discussed the universal studios idea before, and like me, the kid LOVES theme parks. the debby downer wah-wah moment for me came when i pulled up the website and found that i wouldn't be able to do much other than the shopping and dining - not even the studio tour on the tram due to the "earthquake" part of it. but since this was the only thing that made her eyes light up, this is what we're doing.

i better put a survival kit together - bottle of water, check. magazine, check. book, check. snacks, check. sunblock, check. please think of me as you toil away in the comfort of your air-conditioned offices today. i'd actually be willing to trade places, for once. whaddaya say?


  1. What?! And you're just finding out that the trip was canceled? Grr..

    You guys are good to the kid. I hope she appreciates it. I'd trade with you today for sure. ;)

  2. hope the day was fun for her and at least tolerable for you :-)


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