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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

let's play a game.

it IS tuesday, after all, so we'll call it "yay!/boo." i just made it up.

today is the kid's first day of seventh grade. yay!
but the kid had to go to the *other* school. boo.

i went to the doctor's this morning, and the bean is nice and healthy. yay!
my belly has gotten so big that
when i had to pee in the cup, i couldn't see and peed all over my hand. boo.

we're getting a big chunk of our packing done for the move. yay!

it's kind of depressing to have crap in boxes and the walls bare as hell. boo.

the kid and i ate yoshinoya for dinner last night, mmmm. yay!

it gave me heartburn that woke me up at 3 in the morning. boo.

we finally got approved for that intra-district transfer! yay!
now the kid has to have a whole other "first day of school". boo.

gifts for the bean have been arriving on almost a daily basis. yay!

i can't open and play with any of the stuff until we move. boo.

i traded in the blackberry this weekend and picked up a fun orange lg env instead. yay!

i fucked up and should've waited till my contract was actually up so i could've joined accounts with the hub and saved a shitload of cash every month. boo.

i just had a fabulous double-double and fries from in-n-out for lunch. yay!

now i wish i'd have gotten the chocolate shake to go with it. boo.

i found bags of pink m&ms at bed bath & beyond this weekend that i can use for the candy buffet at MIL's baby shower. yay!
i didn't buy any, and now i can't seem to find them anywhere else - which means i'll have to go back. boo.

and this one is going to be backwards:

i dropped the hub's digital camera in the dog's water bowl last night. boo.
but maybe this means we'll get to get a new one! yay!

wasn't that fun? let's hear your contribution to "yay!/boo." GO!


  1. You are so cute. I love this game! I'm so happy you got the school transfer! Yay for kid!

  2. Good to hear about the transfer! Glad that all worked out.

    I have a reverse yay/boo.

    Boooo - my cousin's beebee fiancee is a total bitch and needs to be slapped.

    YAY - now I don't have to waste the money going to their wedding!!

  3. I am laughing out loud at this.
    People think I'm crazy.

  4. I'm sitting in the office all by myself right now. Yay!

    I have to try and scramble to figure out how to make Transformer cupcakes for Lil' Man's birthday on Friday, and there are no designs at the stores I've already been to. Boo!

    Glad bean is healthy and that the transfer went through. Double yay!

  5. love this post!

    i applied for a new credit card today that will give us lots of extra hotel points on our vacay. Yay!

    um, the liklihood of it getting here by saturday is slim to none. booo!

    glad the bean is healthy. :-)

  6. Yay for the school transfer!

    No boo's, I'm just happy for you.

  7. i had a really bad day! boo!
    your blog post almost completely cheered me up! yay!
    and the bean is healthy: double yayyy! that's right. i'm joining r on the double yays.
    i bet you are the perfect person to be around when a friend has a bad day.

  8. This post was awesome! Yay!

    I'm tired. Boo!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I loved this post!

    Glad your daughter got the transfer! Yay!


  11. This post was fun and entertaining. Yay!

    Now, back to work. Boo.


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