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Thursday, August 9, 2007

maternity photos gone WILD!

things i learned (or merely confirmed) from my shoot with crissy:
  • i am NO supermodel. as many times as i've watched america's next top model, i obviously haven't picked up any tricks of the trade. stiff.as.a.board.org
  • however, i AM willing to do silly shit to get a good picture. i found myself sitting on train tracks, walking through dry brush, weeds, dirt, avoiding poop (all while wearing open-toed shoes, mind you), climbing up onto a filthy horse trailer...you'll understand when you see the photos. trust me.
  • the hub and i laugh a lot. A LOT.
  • i'm more open to cheesiness than i ever realized. i decided to use this as a prop in a couple of shots to possibly create shower thank-you cards with (the photo booth program on my iMac somehow flips the text, but you get it). heh.
crissy is a DOLL. i absolutely love her. she's so cute and friendly, and you just can't help but laugh when you're with her! there's nothing like working with someone who so obviously loves what they do, which makes them damn good at it. i canNOT wait to see the finished product!


  1. I can't wait to see them! I'm sure the photos will be great. And what a trooper going for the good shots. ;)

  2. oh, sounds like it was so fun! love that thank you card and i cannot wait to see the pictures :-)

  3. did you get my email? gmail was being sassy yesterday and i just have this feeling you didn't. . .


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