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Friday, October 8, 2010

damn you, party bloggers

well, okay, i was already partyzilla before i found the zillion party blogs i became addicted to while on jury duty.

but still - the madness must stop.  luckily, the party is tomorrow and i have no time to add any more craziness to it.  behold:

my sanity will return next week, i promise.


  1. I love what you have done!! May I ask, where did you get the dots recipe? and where did you get that tablecloth? I love it!

    The Beans party is going to be awesome.

  2. this is gonna be one awesome party. I can't wait.

  3. Above and beyond. Seriously. I think you should hire your talents out. I will be needing your mad skills in a couple of years.

  4. It all looks fabulous!! But please, try not to have a heart attack before tomorrow, m'kay?

  5. You need mental help...yup there I said it. This is not a party for the bean but an intervention for you ;P Looks awesome!

  6. OMG. You made dots. Can't wait to see all this in action tomorrow!

    Luckily, I'm not afraid of dots. [wink wink]


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