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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

cake for breakfast!

happy national pancake day!  yes, i'm serious.  it's for real.  you can even get free pancakes at IHOP today.  go get you some.

so my obsession with my new favorite blog is probably getting pretty annoying, huh?  i'm really sorry.  it really is chock-full of fabulous recipes that have been a huge help for me.  i've been stuck in a total rut dinner-wise, and having a whole slew of new ideas is making for a house full of happy bellies.  this means that you'll be subjected to more posts filled with yummy grub.

i decided to make something fun for sunday breakfast, and enlisted the bean's help.  she was only too happy to be my sous chef as we giggled and chattered in the kitchen that morning.

and what, you ask, was on the menu?

cake batter pancakes.  with a vanilla glaze and sprinkles.  super duper fun, right?

the bean was excited to help scoop the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, crack the eggs into the flour mountain, and stir it all together with a whisk.

even more fun was tossing the rainbow-colored sprinkles into the batter, along with mixing in a bit of blue food coloring to make it extra awesome.  she didn't even mind when she got a little splotch of batter on her hand (she's usually kind of finicky about getting messy - "can i have a wipe, please?"), and happily licked it right off.  i made an attempt to stop her, since there were raw eggs in the batter, but she was too quick for me.  i figure one tiny splatter won't give her salmonella.  don't call CPS on my ass.

although she so enthusiastically stirred that batter that the sprinkles might have melted.  oh, well.

i got to bust out my double-burner nonstick griddle.  yay!

of course, she got to enjoy the first pancake.

looks good, yes?

i think her most favorite part was getting to lick the whisk i used to make the glaze.

another success!  these were super delicious, and the teen enjoyed hers too when she finally rolled out of bed.  probably super duper unhealthy, but hey - i don't make breakfast like that very often.


  1. Those are so cute! I am totally hooked on that blog now too. I read the archives for over an hour at work last week. Oops! Thanks for introducing me to an awesome new blogger!

  2. Licking the whisk is one of my favorite parts of cooking too.

  3. Super cute! And ... free pancakes?! I wonder if there is an IHOP close to my office... :)

  4. I know what I'm having for breakfast this weekend! - or maybe dinner tonight! ;)

  5. I went to IHOP to support the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.


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