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Thursday, March 3, 2011

rock stars, hangin' out in the PIT!

so after the volleyball extravaganza, we went home to get ready for the next activity of the day:

see the seat location?  we were in the 5th row.  pit, baby!  uh, for the imagination movers.  wah waaaah.  but still, we were excited.  we've never had seats that close to the stage for anything before.

the bean was finishing up her afternoon nap when we pulled up to the valet, but quickly perked up as she realized where we were.  and the sight of the marquee got her really pumped up.

i mean, really - look at how close we were!  granted, off to the side, but still.  we could practically put our feet up on the stage.

another disney channel favorite, choo choo soul, was the opening act.  and since this was a kiddie show, it started right on time.  genevieve and her sidekick, DC, did their thang and got the audience all warmed up.

then the four "movers" hit the stage.

the bean was into it.

the guys made sure to hit both ends of the stage, and took turns running out into the audience for high-fives, posing for pictures, and hugs from the kids.  this dude, "mover scott," came over, waved to the teen, and waved me over to bring the bean for a quick hello and a handshake.

the predictable confetti cannons went off towards the end of the show.

everyone returned to the stage for a final performance.

and then it was over.  we were so close, we got a peek at the guys as they disappeared behind the set and headed backstage.

on the way out:

waiting for the car.

we ended up at an old favorite for dinner.

and, holy crap.  look at the price of gas in downtown los angeles!

good graciouses.  


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