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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shop for a cause

so last year, i mentioned a new party store out on the west side that my friend yvette owns.  she's been working her ass off trying to make a success out of it and has been coming up with all sorts of creative ways to get people in the door.  i'm trying to help her out as much as i can, because you know how i love these little independent businesses.  i really want her shop to kick ass.

one of the things she's got going on right now is an exclusive book signing by matt logelin.  if you don't know matt's story, grab a box of kleenex and check out his blog.  it's such a touching story, and if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye - at least one! - i need to come over and check for your pulse.  heh.

anyway, matt's new book is called two kisses for maddy, and yvette's store is donating $2 from each presale order between now and april 15th to the liz logelin foundation.  the book comes out on the 14th, and he'll be doing a short reading and signing copies of the book at cordially invited.

you don't even have to be local to order a copy of the book and have matt sign it - you can place your order, pay for it with paypal, and just include a note as you pay to let us know you'd like an autographed copy.

by the way, if you get a chance, check out the cordially invited blog.  i know the author - she's nice, smart, funny, and super cute, too.  heh.  plus, there'll be a giveaway coming up soon, and judging from the cool stuff in the store, the prize'll be good.

oh, and one more thing - follow the store on twitter or on facebook, and if you stop in between now and saturday you can save 10% on your purchase!

you can't lose.  yay for fun shops!

edited to add: i'm not getting paid for promoting this book signing.  i just really admire and respect matt, and i want to help my friend get as many people into the store as possible.  i can be nice sometimes, you know.


  1. Damn you, Wan. I'd never heard Matt's story before. Went to his blog. Did a little reading. Am now bawling.

  2. Hey Wan I bought a book through your friend's store to have shipped to me. i really want it autographed, but I didn't see anywhere I could mention that. Do you have an email for the store? I left a comment on the blog post, but haven't gotten a response. Also, I really loved your soap opera star stalking post today.



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