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Sunday, May 15, 2011

family reunion

yes, it's a rare sunday post.  for good reason - the ILs are home for a 10-day visit!

i'd waited to tell her about it - mostly to avoid the "when are they coming, mommy?" times a zillion.  heh.  and on friday after school, it was finally time to give her the happy news.  and she was STOKED.  she gave me the big eyes, kinda like this:

she was so excited.  it was really sweet.

luckily, they had a nice, early flight.  they landed at about 10am and after getting the bean all hyped up and in a total lather over what was coming next, the hub went to pick them up.  she really wanted to go with him, but stayed home to get dressed and ready.  and when she saw his car pull up in the driveway, she started hootin' and hollerin' up a storm.

she stood at the window, and when the door opened and MIL stepped out, it was the happiest, loudest shriek ever:  "GRAAAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!"  high-larious.

we opened the door and MIL barely got a foot inside before the bean launched her little body at her legs.  mollydog was wagging her tail so hard i thought it'd fall right off and started jumping up and down trying to get MIL's attention.  it was chaotic and loud and happy and wonderful.  i picked molly up to make sure she didn't slip out the door and she wiggled and writhed around in my arms wildly, thinking she wouldn't get any attention from our visitor.  i wish i'd had a videocamera for the whole thing.  after MIL finally got all the way inside, the bean at first gave her a giant hug and then stepped back and kind of swatted her leg as if to say "where the HELL have you been??"

it was a big ol' lovefest all the way to naptime.  she cuddled with her grandma in their bed, and i left them alone to bond and enjoy their time together.  but after a good half hour of reading books and chattering - way past naptime - i finally walked in and told her she needed to go to sleep.  and from the way she was clinging to MIL, i knew what was up.

"babe, go to sleep.  grandma's still gonna be here when you wake up...today," i told her.  and she wrapped her arms around her neck, closed her eyes, and went right to lalaland.

she hasn't left her side unless she absolutely has to.  this morning, instead of being my little alarm clock, i heard those little feet running down the hall and right into the ILs' room.  and with the time difference, i knew it'd be okay as they'd probably be up anyway.  i felt a little sad until she trotted to my side of the bed and chirped her usual "mommy! wake up!"  like always, i pulled back the covers so she could come in and snuggle, and she did.  but only after she said "i can only stay for a little while, because i'm gonna go see what grandma's doing." 

the funniest part was when i heard them tiptoeing back through the hall to the bathroom.  MIL went in and shut the door, and the bean sat in the hallway humming loudly to herself as she waited.  after a few minutes, she knocked:  "grandma, are you done yet??"  maybe it's not as funny now, but man, listening to the humming and the feet on the floor as she danced around and waited was comical.

while i'm enjoying having them back, i'm also really, really dreading their departure in nine days.  because when they left the first time, the bean really didn't have any idea what was going on.  but now - now, she understands that when grandma goes to texas, she doesn't get to see her.

oh, man.  i'm terrified.  she's gonna be inconsolable.  what on earth will i do?  what tricks will i manage to pull outta my hat?  le sigh.


  1. I don't know if she's old enough yet for this to work, but when I was little and traveling between divorced parents (who lived states apart), the thing that worked best for me was to mark on a calendar when I would see them again. It took the fear away that I would NEVER see them again. And when the inevitable "Is it time yet?" questions started, they would just say "check the calendar."

    For the moment, though, forget about 9 days from now and ENJOY THE MOMENT!!!

  2. so cute! and I have no ideas for what to do in 9 days, but I wish you the best of luck. :/

  3. have you thought about skype? so even tho they arent physically together she can still see her gramma? (but ikd i totally dont have kids, and im not sure if this would make the bean miss her grandma more.)

  4. What an enjoyable read! I'm sure the bean will be one cloud nine for the next nine days. Departures are hard and I think from what has transpired in this post, it won't only be the bean who will have trouble saying good-bye
    Have a wonderful visit with your in-laws.


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