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Monday, May 2, 2011

creep in the making

i'm always blown away at how many of you come out to say hello when i do a giveaway.  heh.

but i dig it.  and i loved reading all of the great comments and support for my new friend matt logelin and the heartbreaking story that is two kisses for maddy.  i hope that even if you didn't win this copy, you'll still get your hands on one and read it - the story is definitely a tough one, but it's written in matt's laid-back, totally chill voice and it is not to be missed.

a little birdie even told me that a handful of production companies are bidding for the rights to the story right now to make it into a movie.  can you imagine how awesome that will be?  the teen and i chatted about it on our way back from the book signing at cordially invited, and it took her about 2.75 nanoseconds to cast just the right actor to play matt.

"noah from "the notebook," mom.  he would be perfect," she said.  i think she's brilliant, don't you?  dye that hair and beard a little bit of a darker brown, and he's good to go:

you know i'll keep you posted as to more movie news, if you want to hear about it. 

so okay - drumroll please:  the winner of my signed copy of 2k4m is...

congratulations, sara!  email me and let's get this book in your hot little hands.  hope you enjoy it!

and for the other 100ish of you who'd like a second chance to win, my friend yvette at cordially invited has a copy she's giving away on her blog.  i'm pretty sure it's just as easy to enter, although for those of you who are local to the l.a. area, you may have alternate ways to snag additional entries.  head on over there to check it out, and good luck.

another shot for a fun giveaway!  don't ever say i never gave you anything.  psh.


  1. OMG I freakin love Ryan Gosling. He is the best! Good call Teen!

  2. Yay! I'm so excited about winning the book! I emailed you from my alternate email addy. I <3 Ryan Gosling too.


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