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Friday, May 13, 2011

girly ass cookies

because she loves me, my friend kelley referred me to a friend of hers for an order of macarons to be served at a paris-themed mother's day party.  i was pretty stoked to make some pretty little treats, and i got to do three different colors and flavors.  there were tiffany-ish blue ones with a lemon filling, pink macarons filled with strawberry buttercream, and "white" (do you have any idea how hard it is to turn macaron batter white? i didn't either, and didn't really get it bright enough) with chocolate ganache.

while i wasn't 100% satisfied with the "white" ones, i was happy that kelley's friend was pleased with them.  and they looked so pretty in the box!

last week, i had an order for hello kitty cookies to send out to san diego.  i was pretty excited to make these, as i hadn't busted out the HK cutters in a while.  and because they were for her little niece's birthday party, i made the dough pink!

so fun.  and i also decided to go back to that corn syrup glaze for the frosting instead of the royal icing - i think it tastes better, and it comes out so pretty and shiny!  of course, the whole process didn't go without a mishap here and there.  see how the cutters make a nice indentation of HK's face and bow?  you'd think that would make it easy to follow. 

well, actually, it was.  except that i went ahead and did the eyes, nose, and whiskers - but then wanted to flood the whole thing in white to make it look really good (and to "seal" the cookie, hopefully keeping it as fresh as possible for the travel period).  d-oh!  although i found that because the flood icing was nice and bright, the black eyes and yellow nose showed right through, making it fairly easy to reproduce those features.  they ended up pretty cute, right?

and then packaged in their bags with color-coordinated ribbon made for a nice presentation.

i heard back from her earlier this week, reporting happily that the cookies arrived intact and were a hit at the party.  eeeeeeeexcellent.

i love taking these orders so much.  they give me a great excuse to try out new things and test my skillz.  and it's nice that i don't have too many orders - because then it would be work.

and nobody wants that.


  1. I LOVE the HK cookies, they are adorable :)

  2. love the hello kitty ones! i need to use my cutters one day...

  3. and the macarons were quite tasty if I do say so myself;)

  4. I've never made macs yet. Yours look wonderful, love the colours and your Hello Kitty cookies are so sweet.


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