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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i'm totally wiggling out of recapping r's wedding for now, only because it's been a hectic day and i've had zero time to download/filter through the gazillion photos i have of it. 

but before i was able to dive into wedding fun, i'd promised my friend lilcee that i'd supply her with cookies and macarons for her little one's second birthday party.  she was doing a rainbowy/balloony kind of theme, and so i was to make several dozen tasty tidbits to serve with the rest of the party menu.  i was going to do three colors of macarons, plus balloon-shaped sugar cookies in various colors.

i was mostly successful.  heh.  mixing up the macaron batter is pretty much second nature now (or third, i guess, since i'm pretty adept at that sugar cookie dough by now too), and i wanted really vibrant colors.  and so in my quest for beautiful, bright shells, i think i put a bit too much red gel coloring in the first batch.  look at this disaster:

so bummed.  they were so pretty!  and when i whined to lilcee about it, she let me off the hook and told me to just do what i could.  thank goodness for understanding friends.

happily, the blue and yellow ones turned out much better.

and i got almost all of the colors for those sugar cookies.  i had to sing the bean's rainbow song to remind myself what colors were in there ("red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  allllll the colors of the wainnnn-bowwwww"), but still managed to leave blue out.  oh, well.

we ended up super duper late for the party, because the bean managed to fall asleep just an hour before it was to start.  oh, well.  by the time we got there, most of the activities were over - and we missed the cake cutting, too.  but she had a blast jumping around in the ginormous toddler-sized obstacle course/bounce house, and i was happy to hear that my sweets had gone over well.

next up - a set of graduation cupcakes and then four dozen sugar cookies.  yay for baking!

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  1. so sad i missed all those bright cookies and everything else.


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