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Monday, May 16, 2011

wax on, wax off

so yeah, we actually did make it to madame tussaud's hollywood wax museum after all.  as soon as the girls were ready, we checked outta the redbury and hightailed it back over to hollywood & highland.  after grabbing a quick breakfast-like bite at the starbucks (oh-so-conveniently located right next door), we bought our tickets and headed in.

by the way, thanks to my foursquare check-in, we got half off of our ticket purchase.  well, on the first 6, anyway.  at least the bean's was already discounted.  woohoo!  see, that stupid app actually pays off now and then.  i also like to use it for free chips & salsa at chili's.  heh.

before we walked in, the bean insisted on taking a picture with shrek (but wouldn't touch him).

after a quick briefing by a museum dude ("you can touch them, but not the hair or face"), we trotted in to snap a quick shot with the POTUS.

oh, and that's only the first of some pretty amazingly hilarious expressions and poses by the bean.  uh, and some horrifically repetitive and lame-o ones by me.  but you expected that, right?

the teen loves her some marilyn.

as instructed, we piled into the "alligator" - you know, the little box that you ride up and down from one floor to another? - which let us out at the top of the building for the beginning of our faux-celeb extravaganza.

i had to stop and remind myself that these weren't real people.  some of them were seriously so realistic, it was creepy.  like, simon cowell freaked me the fuck out.  didn't stop me from plopping down next to him and mugging for the camera, manned by an eyerolling teen.

the teen and the bean went gaga.  hardy har har.

es-en-double-oh-pee-pee dee-oh-double-gizee.

who doesn't love brit-brit?

i love it when rock-ell gets all silly while i'm taking pictures.

oh, brad.  your fans come in all ages and sizes.

i thought it was kind of jacked up that they placed jennifer aniston directly across from brangelina, with a somewhat wistful look on her waxy face.  this picture is super fuzzy, but i had to share the fucked-upness of it.

we remember how much love i hold in my heart for JT, yes (told you the bean was a crackup at the moo-zee-yum)?

since the jonas brothers' figures were nowhere to be found, the teen settled for the next best thing - her man nick's ex-girlfriend, selena gomez.

i know i've already said it about others, but the replica of will smith - really, really true-to-life.

julia roberts, not as much.

neither was my beloved ryan seacrest.  still - probably the closest i'll ever get to him.

more of the OG hollywood stars that the teen actually recognized.

"eff this, i'm riding a camel!"

"mom, the flower doesn't move."  this, the bean actually did say.

"listen here, pilgrim..."

more hunky plastic.  or wax.  whatever.

 the bean had tons of fun, too.

"it's SUE!" she shrieked.  my little gleek.

one of the teen's and my favorite movies.  we are forever quoting lines from it.

remember, this was before the lakers completely bit ass during this year's playoffs.

aw, MJ.

my ghetto ass took a picture of the picture they took of the girls.  did you get that?

we made up for it by buying them a souvenir.  nothing screams of a good time in hollywood like your very own pimp cup.  in front of marilyn monroe's foot and handprints, no less.

you should go.  you know you wanna.


  1. My favorite is the Bean next to John Wayne!

  2. The Britney one seriously freaked me out it was so life like! Looks like a blast!


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