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Friday, May 20, 2011

night at the redbury

can you stand one last post about the teen's birthday extravaganza?

well, even if you can't...it's my blog and i'll recap if i want to.  neener neener neener.

the redbury hotel kicked ass, dudes.  seriously, it was super cool - awesome retro decor, helpful staff, located at historic hollywood & vine.  we loved it.

we actually didn't have much time to savor the fabulousness of our digs for the night. but after waking up at the butt crack o'dawn (courtesy of the bean, of course) the next morning, we got a chance to sit back and check things out.

the hub took her downstairs to grab some breakfast, while i stayed upstairs to take a shower and go to town with the ol' camera.  if we ever bought a home with a guest house, this is what i'd want it to look like. fo' realz, yo.

like in the girls' room, there was this...pole.

they also had this, but oh-so-gently reminded the teen that 1. she was only 16, 2. it was completely off-limits, and 3. that shit cost a bloody fortune.

the kitchenette was fully stocked with everything you'd need to cook a basic meal.  well, minus the actual meal.

of course, there was an expensive tray of snacks.

the OG record player was a nice touch, too - complete with actual vinyl to listen to and detailed instructions on how to use the darn thing.  i'm guessing that a lot of folks who stay at the superhip redbury aren't old enough to remember how to work a turntable.

if the records weren't your thang, there was a handy-dandy iPod dock right next to the bed.

the balcony, and our view.  i liked the early-morning view of the boulevard, without all of the usual traffic.

i didn't want to lose my fabulous blowout from the previous evening, so i busted out the plastic shower cap in the bathroom and dared to go a second day without washing it.

we had to check out of the hotel all too soon, and waited for the girls downstairs as the valet pulled our car around.

remember how the hub somehow managed to find himself sharing an elevator with julia stiles?  well, this is her car.

he was slightly mortified to bust me pointing the camera at it.  "did you just take a picture of her car??" in a very disapproving tone. 

well, duh.  do you know me at all?


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