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Friday, May 27, 2011

sappiness runs in the family

the bean has mostly been good since the ILs left on monday.  she woke up on tuesday morning, came in and chirped "mommy! wake up!" at my bedside like always, and then crawled in next to me for a morning snuggle.  and then she said "i miss grandma," and her little face crumpled into the saddest expression on the face of the planet.


luckily, it was short-lived and she went back to her cheerful self.  "can we have pancakes?" she asked, and i was so relieved i got right up and busted some out.

aside from that little episode, she's been okay.  she'll ask for grandma, we'll remind her that she's in texas, and she'll nod her head and move on.

yesterday, we went to the mall with the teen to run a few errands and look around.  her favorite stop is, of course, the disney store.  i generally save it for last - you know, for bribing purposes:  "be good, or we won't go see mickey at the disney store" always results in perfect behavior.  i know, i know, mother of the year i ain't.  but it works.  and we always go, so it's never an empty promise.

as she sashayed happily around the store, picking up fun stuff here and there, she was drawn to something new.  she grabbed it, tugged it behind her all the way around the store, and wouldn't let it go.

the teen checks the price tag at my request and eyeballs me for a second before delivering the news.

me, shaking my head at the $35:  "babe, let's put that away.  you don't need that thing."
bean: "yes, i do.  i need a suitcase."
me:  "no, you don't.  what do you need a suitcase for?"
bean, smiling sweetly (and likely thinking, "mom, you dumb ass, what do you think i need it for?"):

"because i need to go to texas."

the teen's gaze fell on me as the words sunk in, and we both teared up.  silly, right?  but it was just so sweet and innocent and pure.  i don't know, i'm a sap.  and apparently, so is my older daughter.  heh. 

oh, and no, i still didn't drop the cash on that thing.  but you know i was tempted to, just because.

i think we'd better start planning a visit to the lone star state sometime soon.


  1. aww I got sappy just reading this post! What a cutie!
    May I ask, where did you get your stroller? I've noticed it before in other posts and I've been curious.

  2. holy crap!!! that totally made ME tear up too..

  3. they are so sweet! I love the suitcase...Nathan would have been so jealous if she had that one and he didnt!

  4. Not sappy at all, totally endearing and this post just makes one want to hug the crap out of all of you!

    P.S. Wal-Mart probably carries Disney or other themed suitcases that the bean would love for a lot less money.

  5. Awwww! It's really sweet that the bean loves her grandma so much.


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