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Friday, July 15, 2011

making the case(s)

i was pretty stoked when two different twirlie friends asked me to make covers for their precious cargo - a laptop and an iPad.  these are really fun projects to work on, and i love going through stacks of fabric to find just the right one to suit their color/pattern preferences.  luckily, they've both trusted me to pick something out and run with it - and they were both pleased with the results. 

first, the laptop sleeve.  i was working with "pink, girly, and flowery" and this is what she got:

i love that fabric so much, i may have to go back and get some for myself.

and for the iPad, it was "no pink, but black and red."  i think i did okay:

and this friend asked me if i could also do a small cosmetic bag.  both cases would go in her tote, and she thought it would be fun to have them match.  after perusing a bunch of tutorials, i picked out a few details that i liked, winged it ended up with this:

i like how the bottom is a little bit boxy.

and it closes with velcro that matches the lining!

i kind of want to make a bunch of those little bags, just for fun.  it would be fun to play with embellishments - ribbons, bows, buttons.  but i don't really need any for myself, so i'll just have to wait until someone else does.  otherwise, i'll end up with a stack of cute little bags, and they'll just sit in a closet.

the hub would not be pleased with that.


  1. OMG They are so cute! As in a lot cuter than I've seen shopping for them :-) Awesome work Wan

  2. You really should think about opening an Etsy shop for all your wonderful sewing that you do.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! The make-up bag is the prefect size. You're the best :)

  4. Those are very cute. I love reading your sewing posts.

  5. ditto re: etsy shop! DO IT.

    Great work!


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