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Friday, August 5, 2011


i was excited when my friend APK hit me up to do an order of cookies for a bachelorette party.  i've seen lots of fun designs online and have been dying to give them a shot.  plus, i hadn't decorated cookies in a while and it was nice to get back into the groove.

armed with my instructions (bride digs tiaras, colors were pink and purple, no penis-shaped cookies), i got to work.  i wanted to do some of the fun booty-shaped cookies, and following the examples i found on other cookie blogs, i cut out hearts and trimmed off the points at the top.

the bean was so confused.  "why are you making cookies that look like a butt, mommy?"  heh.

it was fun to decorate these, although to me they looked like they were flipping me the bird.

i was pretty satisfied with my finished product, but even after leaving them out to dry overnight i was so annoyed to find that they were still slightly tacky.  i needed to package them up and mail them that day (i always wait till the last minute because i want the cookies to be as fresh as possible, you know), and i was freaking out.  i googled for some help and decided to try the easiest one:  put them in the oven at a low temperature.

as you can see, that idea was a complete FAIL.

it's for unforeseen dilemmas like this that i always make a few extras of each design.  phew.

so next, i turned to twitter to see if any of my cookie-ing buddies might come to my rescue, and both bakeat350 and sweetsugarbelle fired back responses that helped immensely.  after leaving the cookies to sit in my oven with the light on for about an hour and then sprinkling the surfaces with color-coordinated sanding sugar, they were good to go.  thank goodness i have a crazy stockpile of sanding sugar and other sprinkles in my pantry.

i'd forgotten to buy more tissue paper for stuffing in the shipping box, so i resorted to some leftovers from christmas.  oh yes, i sure did mail bachelorette party cookies packed in juicy couture tissue.  i'm fancy, huh?

i finished it off with prettier, more appropriate tissue, shook the box to check for movement, shoved a bit more paper in, and finally sealed it shut.

i sure hope they arrived intact and yummy.


  1. I LOVE the booty cookies! Too cute!!

  2. Those are too great! Glad you fixed the problem with the iciing...noone wants to eat tacky butt cookies ;)

  3. Glad Bridget and Callye were there to tweet their help! Great job on *saving* the booty cookies. They are a lot of fun and look great.


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