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Monday, August 8, 2011

a pretend playdate

the bean was pretty excited to hear that we were going to meet up with our friends mommybelle, LP, LFM and LFM2.  and then she was beside herself when i told her where this playdate was taking place.  she loves her some pretend city.

the bean loves to draw pictures of "me."

they all had fun in the "farm."

well, LFM2 wasn't so impressed.

MB and i giggled at our two big-headed kids finding helmets that fit them.

since our last visit, the "restaurant" switched from italian to vegetarian.

at the "doctor's," all three got measured.

the bean was happy to play patient to LP's dentist until she realized what that meant, and then she bailed.

i thought the little stools were cute.

hamming it up on the stage.

a prediction of the bean's first job, perhaps?

the waterplay and beach areas are always a good bet.

and one last role to play, although not necessarily a pretend city-sponsored one - mama.

so much fun!  she passed out cold in the car even before we got on the freeway.  too bad for MB, though - no such luck.  sorry, buddy.  maybe next time.


  1. Damn our kids are cute!! :) We had fun even if we didnt take a nap that day...must see you all more often!!

  2. What a cool place for kids. I would have loved going to a place like that growing up...hell, who am I kidding, I would probably have a good time right now after a couple of beers at a place like that. :)

  3. Makes me wish I was a kid again. There were no play areas like this when I was little. Love those *molar* stools :)


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