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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a berry good time

i've been wanting to take the bean to tanaka farms for ages, but always seem to forget about it.  so when lilcee suggested taking the girls for the strawberry picking and wagon ride, i was all about it.  although i knew she wouldn't be down with eating the fruits and veggies that we'd get to taste during the tour, i figured it'd be fun anyway.  after all, it's not a bad idea for her to see where it all comes from - maybe it would spark at least a little bit of interest.

surprisingly, the hub and the teen were willing to come along even though it required getting up bright and early on sunday morning.  it was exactly 9:30 when we pulled into the parking lot.

 there was lots of fun signage everywhere.

and we got a glimpse of what we'd get to ride through the fields.

with a little time to kill, we wandered around the market stand, where super fresh produce was available for purchase.

everything was gorgeous and colorful, and while she didn't want to eat any of it, the bean was fascinated with all that surrounded her.

we got to wear these stickers and each received a plastic basket to fill with strawberries we picked during the tour.

from the looks of this sign, you'd think the place was gonna be a no-fun zone.

hopping onto the wagon, the bean and mini cee begged to sit next to each other.  well, duh.

and look how happy the teen was to be there!

but i think she had fun.

we got to sample all sorts of fun stuff - carrots, string beans ("these taste like earth," the teen said), baby maui onions, fresh corn.  ever eaten corn raw?  i hadn't, but it was delicious - crunchy and sweet.  i could've sat there and eaten it all day long.

she's so predictable.

there were freaky scarecrows everywhere.

everyone had fun picking strawberries, and a few filled their bellies as well as their baskets.

 and when she came across imperfect berries, she happily tossed them to the ground.

the bean and mini cee had a blast.  BFFs, man.

more photo ops at the end of the ride.

such a fun time!  and maybe we'll come back in a couple of months for the watermelon picking.  something right up my alley - i actually like watermelon.  surprise, surprise.


  1. Count us in for the Watermelon picking.

    We had such a great time. Lei loved it even more b/c the Bean was there.

  2. That's where I have my CSA through :-) I love Tanaka Farms!

    Re: corn I totally agree with you. Their corn is SO FRICKEN sweet. Take a bit out of one from the grocery store one of these days and they won't even compare.

    Yay for responsible organic farming!


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